Cheap PC games @ Gamestop
Cheap PC games @ Gamestop

Cheap PC games @ Gamestop

Just wet into the Bangor branch and picked up Defcon for £1.99. Opened the box to see that it comes with Uplink too! Result!

Other games I saw were:

Kane and Lynch - £3.99
Kung Fu Panda - £3. 99
Lego Indiana Jones + Batman - £3.99
ARMA 2 - £19.99 with free game

They *were* selling Crysis: Maximum edition for £18 but it has gone up to £25.

They're also doing an offer where all the chart games come with a free game - the only one I remember is Age of Conan but there were about 4 or 5. If i wasn't trying to watch my money, I'd have picked up Arma 2 with a free game. Kinda felt guilty about showing my face after hugely raping the £30 trade in deal they had a while ago :P


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