CHEAP pre-owned games at CEX Online (Xbox 360 & PS3)
CHEAP pre-owned games at CEX Online (Xbox 360 & PS3)

CHEAP pre-owned games at CEX Online (Xbox 360 & PS3)

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I was looking through CEX pre-owned games and made a list of some of the better deals. Although one or two may not be the greatest games *cough* Tony Hawk Ride *cough*, I've included them as they are still pretty good deals or come with peripherals which make them so.

Xbox 360:
Bulletstorm: Epic Edition - £2.50 - uk.webuy.com/pro…96S
Halo 3 - £2.50 - uk.webuy.com/pro…417
Halo 3 & Halo 3 ODST - £4.00 - uk.webuy.com/pro…DST
Stranglehold - £2.00 - uk.webuy.com/pro…031
*XBLA Compilation: Pacman CE etc (Boxed) - £2.00 - uk.webuy.com/pro…002
Dragon Age 2 - £2.00 - uk.webuy.com/pro…58S
DefJam Rapstar With Mic - £2.50 - uk.webuy.com/pro…972
Gears of War 2 - £3.00 - uk.webuy.com/pro…158
Mirrors Edge - £3.00 - uk.webuy.com/pro…655
Fable 3 - £6.00 - uk.webuy.com/pro…471
Dead Space 2 (offline) - £6 - uk.webuy.com/pro…559

*Pacman Championship edition is 800 points (£6.85) on XBLA and also includes UNO, Boom boom rocket, Feeding Frenzy and Luxor 2.

Playstation 3:

Disney Sing It: Pop Hits incl. Mics - £3.00 - uk.webuy.com/pro…550
Tony Hawk Ride incl. Board - £6.00 - uk.webuy.com/pro…851
Brutal Legend - £4.00 - uk.webuy.com/pro…931
Monster Jam: Path of Destruction incl. Wheel - £5.00 - uk.webuy.com/pro…699
Dead Space 2 - £6 - uk.webuy.com/pro…54S
Overlord 2 - £5 - uk.webuy.com/pro…419



copy paste a few of their 2nd hd products = a deal? *cough* ****** *cough* not voted dunno bout um but man lame... might as well post some 2nd hand roast chicken

Original Poster

Considering some of these prices are the best possible prices for the game (new or pre-owned) then I'd call it a deal. Second hand products are exactly the same as new products unless stated otherwise (e.g. no online play). I don't think you could say the same for second hand roast chicken so your argument is invalid

Thats a funny cough you've got there, have some heat and take plenty of fluids

That version of DA2 they never have in stock online btw.

plus £2.50 delivery


CEX Are terrible. Cheap but terrible.


Cold. We need some ibrupofen in here!

cex is the best shop going! im hoping they replace all the **** poor game and gamestation shops. the amount of credit i have earned flogging them old phones i had lying about the house!

yeah £2.50 delivery

its ok if you order more than one item as it stays £2.50 and they do arrive like almost next day so i can see where my £2.50 has gone, unlike when it was free it use to take weeks on end to get the stuff delivered, so that £2.50 is a good thing as the service has really improoved since they started charging it, only bad thing is you really need to order more than one thing at a time to get your value out of it.

Also with Game and Gamestation gone now where else is there to get 2nd hand games from? CEX and erm erm erm......

thats a good point, there needs to be another chain to keep cex's good prices competitive.

maybe hmv will expand their game section?

with GAME/GAMESTATION gone just had another thought where do we now go for 2nd hand consoles/handhelds/hardware only place i know is CEX and i dont have a CEX in my town nearest is 40 miles away.

grr.. i had my hopes up for: DefJam Rapstar With Mic as i was just about to spend £8 more on ebay then i find out its camden only.
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