Cheap Preowned DVD's from 98p @ Playtrade - Zoverstocks

Cheap Preowned DVD's from 98p @ Playtrade - Zoverstocks

Found 26th Sep 2011
Yes preowned, and I know a lot of sites have DVD's on sale at cheap prices quite often, and I know that these are readily available to see by anyone who searches onsite for them, but essentially there are some good films to be had here for next to nothing so its well worth a look...

For example...

Donnie Darko £0.98p delivered :…b=2

Withnail & I £1.26 delivered :…b=0

Blade Runner £1.33 delivered:…b=2

Resevoir Dogs £1.47 delivered:…b=0

ScarFace £1.63 delivered:…b=0

Theres a few more to be found if you look through the usual tat in the search results : Aliens, Deliverance, Monty Python & The Holy Grail, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Knight Rider... All for under £2 each delivered.
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