Cheap Pritt Stick 67p at Sainsburys

Cheap Pritt Stick 67p at Sainsburys

Found 31st Oct 2008Made hot 31st Oct 2008
Been to my local Sainsburys this morning. Was going to buy some Pritt Stick and noticed small one (20g) was £1.49 but Big one (40g) was only 67p.

Cant go wrong for that price since most retailers are selling them at £2.80


tastes funny though...

does not get you high!!!

warm for me

I'll stick with this.

Everyone loves a cheap PRITT

Yay, now it's cheaper, I can sniff for longer!
Thanks Markead!

Awesome for any art & design student! If the coloured ones stick like the normal ones I'm going to stock up for the next 10 years!

Does this still smell like Cherry Bakewells

Look at us, we all look like a bunch of glue sniffers :giggle:

Like super glue better but BEWARE!!!!!! don't get the spout up your snout!!!
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