Cheap Real Maple Syrup half price in Asda

Cheap Real Maple Syrup half price in Asda

Found 23rd Oct 2008
Clarks, a good quality american maple syrup is down to 46p for 200ml. this compares with Tesco selling Rowse Maple syrup at £4.35 for 330ml. A serious saving.


Amazing deal! I'm going to look for some tonight...and then pancakes for brekky tomorrow!

Hot a those pancakes I'm gonna have.

Awesome! Gotta get me some of that sweet sweet syrup! If only i had some pancakes :whistling:

Rowse's stuff is way overpriced at any rate, I remember when I worked in Morrisons a jar of their honey went for something like £8.

mmm tree juice

about a month ago our local Waitrose ran out of their own-brand maple syrup - which had been about £3.50 per bottle - and they told me there was some kind of delay with that product in particular... when it came back in stock, it had gone up to £4.99.

I think there must have been some kind of amazing increase in raw material and transport costs for the prices to have shot up so suddenly... I don't know what maple trees require - maybe some kind of expensive fertilisers or something... and then the costs of importing it from Canada

bargain - thanks

Thanks. voted hot. Pancakes,bananas and maple syrup. mmm.yummy

Heat from me, thanks.

Do yourselves a favour and make these:…tml

Share with nobody. :thumbsup:

yummy yummy yummy

Shelf label in my Asda shows £1.49, but they scan at 46p

£1.84 in my asda

cheaper than buying it in canada (seriously)!

Expired. Offer finished months ago, and wasn't available at all in my local Asda.
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