Cheap Tesco Motor Oil  £2 for a £9 bottle of 10/40

Cheap Tesco Motor Oil £2 for a £9 bottle of 10/40

Found 5th Nov 2014
In Tescos garage last night, Huntingdon, and they were having a sale on Motor Oil, £2 for a £9 bottle of 10/40. This deal is likely nationwide as they are updating their packaging. Main store was selling at old price with new bottle...
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Please do not use this in your car unless you know it takes 10w40 oil!

Newer cars take specific grades of 5w30 fully synthetic oil, which affects how your vehicle runs, and your emissions.
If you use the wrong spec of oil in your car and something happens with the engine, the dealer may choose not to honour any warranty claim due to the wrong oil being used.
How is this not a deal? If it's suitable for your car you won't find it cheaper. I take it people voting cold because they can't use it, brand snobbery or possibly the Tesco wild goose chase.
I used supermarket oil in my car until suspension failed at nearly 200,000 miles. Still use it in old bike (40,000 miles). Just check specs first.
its the ACEA rating you need to be sure of.
this was put on about two weeks ago. change of packaging clearance
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