Cheap Timberlands at mandmdirect

Cheap Timberlands at mandmdirect

Found 9th Jul 2006
Just bought a pair of these at mandmdirect. There's load of timbies there for less than £50 and p&p is reasonable.
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No offence to the poster, but....

It's just a shame that you need to like the gangsta rap, mo-fo, "let's pretend we're from the 'hoods" look to wear Timberland these days.

Roll-top boots? Blue boots? White boots? Nah. When they get back to making the boots that made their name in the first place, I'll go back to Timberland.
Thanks ilforrd-jedi, was looking for a decent pair of sandals for taking on holiday but couldant justify the normal retail price, (even though £30 + pp is still quite a bit for a bit of beach wear).

Dont forget to go via quidco for an extra saving (tried the free p+p code in the voucher section but it didnt work for me).

Will be wearing them and my hoodie on the sandy beaches of Dubai next month...
confiteor...if you dont like the deal use the temperature gauge to comment, rather than wasting your time and the posters time slating him. Fashion is a matter of opinion and whatever you say to him or he says to you, neither of you will agree on the others pov so just go to mse and argue with people if you're that desperate about it.

Fashion is a matter of opinion...

Exactly - and confiteor was giving his opinion here. We are a very open forum - We like to hear all opinions, and we do not discourage posts with a negative slant. And I feel his post was rather polite.
As Emma says, feedback is good!

[SIZE=2]A[/SIZE]s long as it's not offensive and is polite, it creates more information for a member to make up their own mind...
Try LX Direct they got some Cheap Timberlands in the Sale if anyone really want's some (not my cup of tea).
:grin: No offence taken. I was only telling people where to get cheap Timbies. For the record, I hate rap and like Timberland footwear.
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