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Cheap Volvo XC90 Momentum Pro 5dr AWD for £56,607 @ Nationwide Cars

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About this deal

  • New Volvo Xc90 Estate 2.0 B5P [250] Momentum Pro 5dr AWD GGtro - £56,607

  • New Volvo Xc90 Diesel Estate 2.0 B5 [235] Momentum Pro 5dr AWD GGeartronic - £57,157

  • New Volvo Xc90 Diesel Estate 2.0 B5 [235] Momentum 5dr AWD GGeartronic - £57,282
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    OP - just to reassure you,  this is cheap for an XC90 - a car that I would love to buy and own but it’s a bit too rich for my blood. There are lots of people on HUKD who vote cold because they think a C-trail, Kodiaq or Dacia can do the same job. The reality is for an XC90 - this is cheap.
    Having driven all of those cars i can confirm they do in fact all do the same things you need a car to do.
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    Cheers, got a couple for stocking fillers
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    Bought 1 but then thought what if I buy 2, then when I sell the second one it pays for the first one, but then I had the big brain idea, what if I buy 3 and suddenly IM getting paid to buy these!

    what idiots, I'm taking these losers all the way to the bank! (edited)
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    Any voucher codes?
    Buy one get one free
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    If that's cheap how much are the expensive one's?
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    Cheap if yer loaded
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    Thanks Hun, I had this in my basket for ages
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    Thanks, managed to get a couple for eBay!
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    Bought 50 for eBay.
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    Open the link and read the title lol
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    Wouldn't mind a few of these parked outside the chalet
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    Managed to get 5 for eBay
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    cheap for £56k-57k jeez , someones loaded
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    Cheers I was looking to do a claim, I'm thinking whiplash and maybe a bruised leg this time. Anyone fancy a new front door?
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    Comes to £6,607 when you checkout
    Possible glitch
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    Too cheap for me, sorry voted cold
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    This is a kind of hilarious post.
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    Very cheap👌
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    B5 engine is absolutely dreadful, boring lackluster drives like a 1.3 fiesta, dont let that 235 horse power figure fool you. But good price.
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    My ex boss made us drive these! Peter blelskey