Cheap Wii Accessories - From £2.79 Delivered @ 7 Day Shop
Cheap Wii Accessories - From £2.79 Delivered @ 7 Day Shop

Cheap Wii Accessories - From £2.79 Delivered @ 7 Day Shop

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Having had a look through I think there are some genuine bargains on here. Sure, they're not made by Nintendo, but when you can get a Wii mote and Nunchuck for about £16, who cares? Remember all these prices are delivered!


steering wheel = £2.79
rechargeable battery pack = £3.99
Wii HD Component cable = £3.99
Black Nunchuck = £4.29
White Nunchuck = £4.65
White Nunchuck twin pack = £8.99
Sensor bar = £4.99
Wireless Sensor bar = £5.50
Gamecube controller = £6.49
Wireless Nunchuck = £7.99
Wii Motion Plus = £10.99
Wii Mote = £12.40
Quad mote charger = £14.99


There defo seem to be some bargains there, but it might be a good idea to steer clear of the Venom stuff.

Currys were chucking (nunchuking!) out Venom bits before Christmas, so I popped in and bought two of their nunchuks (£3 each I think) and one of their wiimotes (£7ish).

One of the nunchuks was duff straight out of the box, and the wiimote drains it's batteries in no time at all compared to the genuine article.

I wouldn't buy another Venom accessory.

Ive thrown lots of money down the drain on compatible/cheap/fake/3rd party (delete as appropriate) controllers. Learnt the hard way that it's just better to pay that little bit extra to get the official controllers, as unless you're paying more than the official prices for the high quality 3rd party stuff then you're just going to get a downgraded controller that doesn't feel right (usually cheap buttons) or has problems (connectivity, battery life, reliability, etc etc).
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