Cheap Wii Console Games at Asda (INSTORE)

Cheap Wii Console Games at Asda (INSTORE)

Found 16th Nov 2009
Asda Horwich (Bolton) on Saturday
50% off prices on selected games on all formats but as a Wii owner I only looked at Wii.
They had lots of stock of:
Punch Out £7.50
Dead Space £16.00
Cursed Mountain £15.00
Samba Di Amigo £10.00
Sim Animals £20.00
Metroid Trilogy £15.00
Bakugan £15.00
Fitness First £10.00
Cate West: Vanishing files £10.00
Plus many others

Not sure why they were selling some these off - they were secondary sited in the chart at full price and on a side at the discounted sticker price. Dead Space is a well rated game and has only been out 6 weeks - same for Cold Mountain...



Unless there's something secretly wrong with this, what sort of idiot would vote it cold?! Punch-Out for £7.50, Metroid Prime Trilogy for £15, and two new games - Cursed Mountain and Dead Space - half price. Hot deal. Going to ASDA tonight, will look to see if my store has these prices.

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I agree - why anyone would vote it cold is beyond me. I don't normally submit deals because someone always beats me to it! I promise that the Asda Horwich store has lots of stock on a vertical end on Saturday.
I bought Dead Space and almost bought PunchOut and Samba until the better half gave me one of her looks...
Also, forgot to include Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for £12 - was going to get it for my little girl but it looked a bit thuggish...

I've been looking for a good price for Metroid Trilogy for a while now.

This must be store specific as my local Asda (dunfermline) does'nt have any of them at these prices.Punch out is at £15

Same as above - unfortunately no sign of reduced prices. Shame, I'd have snapped up Metroid and Punch Out!
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