Cheap Worx Power Tools at Argos with 6 year warranty !

Cheap Worx Power Tools at Argos with 6 year warranty !

Found 3rd Feb 2008
Worx Jigsaw 550W £13.33 was £39.99 item number 7111796

Worx Angle Grinder 750W £11.59 was £34.79 item number 7110876 , currently in new catalogue at £29.99 under item number 7112142

Worx Circular Saw £21.59 was £64.79 item number 7107212, currently in new catalogue at £49.99 under item number 7112173

Worx Router was £69.97 now £36.99 item number 7110151

Checked locally and they are in stock.

Register you item at the Worx website for 6 years warranty register at
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This has allready been posted & the angle grinder shown is not the one you get!
i bought one and it,s 850 watt model no: WX80AG
for the price it,s good.
I got all three today and they seem great, just checking out website, new Argos cat says if you register within 30 days you get your 3 year warranty taken to 6 years.


I got all three today and they seem great, just checking out website, new … I got all three today and they seem great, just checking out website, new Argos cat says if you register within 30 days you get your 3 year warranty taken to 6 years.Thanks

Where does it say that m8 ? do you have a link

Its true, not only cheap (thanks deanos) but as said, if you register your worx products at [url][/url] within 30 days from purchase you get your 3 year warranty taken to 6 years, now that all adds up to a bargain.

Cheap+3+3 in Worx speak (See website)

May be cheap as their branding seems to have changed. The Logo in orange is now the same logo but in green on the web site, or it could be they have a consumer range coloured orange and a Pro range coloured green?
That is good value !

Will update 1st post
The circular saw is amazing... I guess its a good toy to play with when I am bored, was going to fit a couple of new doors round the house, that and the jigsaw (I have the older model- and its bloody great!) are a bargain!

Not sure about the router though and when I would use that...
Top find mate., bought the grinder and jigsaw. As like 99% of most guys dont know when I'll use them, but for something to come with a 6 year warranty they cant be that bad..........................or can they? Voted HOT HOT HOT.:)
Hold on to the receipt, as thats your warranty.
Bought 2 jigsaws 6 months ago and one broke the next day.
Phoned the number about warranty and they said they only replace through the point of sale.
Problem was argos hadn't any left, so could only get a refund.
They were £15 back then.

Have got a 115mmm grinder + 225MM grinder, jigsaw, 18V cordless all WORX and work well apart from the jigsaw that broke next day.
MISLEADING? Looks as though the 6 year warranty is not available on these products.
I registered the jigsaw and router I bought today for the 6 year deal. The Worx website says that neither is eligible for extended warranty.This could be because of the rider in the Argos catalogue which says 'Compared to the standard 3-year warranty' maybe neither had a 3 year warranty to begin with.
I also have a problem with the circular saw item 711/7212 I bought. The photograph for item 710/7212 is for model WX14SCA (1400watt) the text is for item 711/2173. I have now noticed that the saw I received is neither of these models but model WX150CSL which does not appear in the list of products on the Worx website.
I will be contacting Argos and Worx for clarification.

I bought Worx Circular Saw 710/7212. The Argos Web Site specifically states 1500 Watt for this catalogue number and states model WX446 BUT I recieved the WX14SCA 1400 Watt, which incidentally is the model given in the previous catalogue Autumn/Winter 2007 which is where this catalogue number is from and why it is clearance. Looks like a mistake on the web site, a simple cut and paste of the entire title and description of the new catalogue number 711/2173. I had a look on the Worx website under products etc but the link for the WX446 model doesn't work so I can't compare the difference (except for the wattage) as I don't trust the Argos descriptions because in the previous Argos catalogue it also states Laser, but from what I can ascertain neither model has this.

Bootle buck - From a Google search and a matching French Web Site seems the WX150CSL is a 1500Watt model with laser (avec laser) so you might have got a better model if that is the case!

Can't find anythin about a 6 year guarantee - the web site seems to simply state that you should register for your 3 year guarantee.
If you go to then click the pic of the drill in the bottom right corner it says about the 6 year warranty

"+3=6 Limited Warranty
Warranty Statement
If your Worx DIY tool becomes defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within a period of 6 (six) years from the date of purchase, we guarantee to:

Replace or repair all defective parts, free of charge, or
Repair products free of charge, or
Replace the unit with a new or re-conditioned unit, free of charge.
Your 6 years warranty is subject to the following conditions: Online registration of the product within 30 days of purchase (without registration, only 36 months warranty will apply)

Out of interest did you manage to get the 6 year warranty on the saw you bought, I can't see your model
WX14SCA on the registration page for the 3+3 year warranty of the Worx website either?
Hi bootle buck

As per my previous post I got the WX14CSA 1400 Watt model under cat number 710/7212. Rang Argos Customer Services, explained that they effectively have the WX446 under both cat numbers (711/2173 & 710/7212) but with very different prices on their web site and they agreed to let me have the new catalogue number WX446 price overidden to match the clearance cat number and so I took my WX14CSA back and now have a WX446 for £21.59.

It is only the web site that is wrong, as the previous catalogue that actually lists 710/7212 has the model as WX14CSA.

Not yet tried to register it on Worx Web Site.
Folks this is a 3 year warranty, its the professional ones (green) that have 6 year, just registered my Jigsaw
I got all of mine to 6 years, I hit the orange drill icon on their main page.

I have emails that all say

"The warranty period for this tool expires on 03/02/2014"
Mine say 2011 ?
Well after contacting Worx who said:-
'Unfortunately we were experiencing a minor glitch on the website; the system will update shortly and show that your tools are eligible for the 3+3=6 year extended warranty, providing you purchased the tool after 19th January 2008. '
The 3 tools I bought now show the warranty extended to 2014.
Thanks , just checked mine and now shows 2014 !

Updated first post again !!!
Quite a deal then
still in stock folks :thumbsup:
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