Cheap Xbox 360 Games @ CEX - From £2
Cheap Xbox 360 Games @ CEX - From £2

Cheap Xbox 360 Games @ CEX - From £2

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Cheap Xbox 360 Games @ CEX From £2

Some Decent Titles In There

All Pre-Owned As There From CEX


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Shadowrun £2
uk.webuy.com/pro…872 SOLD OUT

The Darkness £2
uk.webuy.com/pro…623 SOLD OUT

Table Tennis £2.50

Prey £2.50

Perfect Dark Zero £2.50

Crackdown £3

Far Cry 2 £3

Lost Planet £3
uk.webuy.com/pro…085 SOLD OUT

The Club £3

Jericho £3

Timeshift £3
uk.webuy.com/pro…151 SOLD OUT

Stranglehold £3

Ghost Recon Advance War Fighter £3

Turning Point : Fall Of Liberty £3

Tom Clancey End War £3

Splinter Cell Double Agent £3

Mirrors Edge £3

Lost £3

Alone In The Dark £3

Too Human £3

Dark Sector £3
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Great post, HOT HOT!

Some great prices there, several I haven't seen below £5 before, even pre-owned.

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I personally picked up SC Double Agent. At £3 i would be silly not to.

couple worth playing. well worth a go. cheers!

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If anyone hasn't played Dark Sector i definitely recommend it. Its the same buttons and game play as the gears of war games.

£3 is how much you pay for a weeks rental, i personally buy most of my games when they drop below £10 mark and can't resist £5 or less to try out old favourites. HOT!

HOT! i would really recommend timeshift, well worth the £3

Good spot, I was keeping an eye open for SC: Double Agent. Cheers!

The Club for £3 is brilliant. I absoultely loved that game!

great work buddy, +heat

The Darkness for £2 is a no brainer, it's an AMAZING game. One of this Generations masterpieces.

Shame it's CEX. The Local one seems to have 20 staff, one on the till, the others in the back playing games. And the online service is a joke. The site says they have 15 in stock, and then you get an e-mail after a week telling you they cant find any.

Add Tomb Raider Legend to that list. It's £4 but really has charm. I detest The Darkness. Crackdown is the best game in that list. Avoid Far Cry 2 like the plague. It's the game that crops up most in "Games You Regret Playing / Couldn't Finish" lists on loads of forums.

The Darkness is pure quality! Great game!

You should all know though that CEX is a bit risky online, better to check in store if this applies instore too, then you can inspect the condition yourselves. Sometimes they come proper tattered up and with no instruction manuals. Though I guess at those prices you can't really complain too much.

Excellnt stock in my local, will take a trip to town

Far Cry 2 is terrible. Avoid.

The Darkness is great for £2. Would have liked Timeshift but OOS
Picked up Prey; well worth £2.50! ^_^
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Far Cry 2 is terrible. Avoid.The Darkness is great for £2. Would have … Far Cry 2 is terrible. Avoid.The Darkness is great for £2. Would have liked Timeshift but OOS :(Picked up Prey; well worth £2.50! ^_^

Glad to see another prey fan. Fantastic game, one of the greatest openings to a game ever. Hopefully they will make a number 2 some day.
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