Cheap Xbox 360 Pre-Owned games @ Blockbusters

Cheap Xbox 360 Pre-Owned games @ Blockbusters

Found 2nd Feb 2011
Seen this today cheap games from Blockbuster

Call of duty Blackops is £23.50
Red Dead Redemption is £14.95

Both for the Xbox 360 and pre-owned, there is some for the PS3 but only seen this as walking past.


swear it was full price when i looked in store today at around 1pm

Might have a look see if they have Black Ops on the PS3 as sold mine a few weeks back as got fed up with it and went onto battlefield 2 and MOH

Also received a flyer through the post from blockbuster with a voucher for £5 off any pre owned game over £20 so will use that if they have any copies

Are you sure black ops is that price ? can anyone confirm ? I phoned my local but they have no stock and couldnt tell me the price..
£29.95 when I last checked a week ago..
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Can't see them selling Black Ops for that price?


Can't see them selling Black Ops for that price?

I agree, They are already the lowest price around at £29.95.. so why would they need to drop to £23.50 ? also all of their preowned sale prices end with a .95 not .50.. so I doubt this new price very much... hope i'm wrong.


thats a great deal the game is amazing

Was in Blockbuster today and it wasnt that price, it was £29.95.

don't know about blockbuster as i dont have any near me but i picked up black ops for £19.99 from cash converters, took me a few weeks of keeping an eye out but they are out there if you look n have some patience

If it wasn't for people who are prepared to pay £30 for a second-hand copy, with the number of copies of this game in circulation, it should have dropped to the £20 mark by now.

I have that voucher(£5 off anything preowned over £20) and it can only be used between 7th march and 10th april. Bit stupid to send them out and not be able to use it for 6 weeks. It also has Black ops listed at £29.95 on the mail and rang local store to find out the same.

This price doesn't exist, £29.95 in Blockbuster and very difficult to get on 360 anyway.

i got black ops xbox 360 pre-owned yesterday 3rd feb for £29.95 , woop woop made up and so is my grandson.
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