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buy from for 5.99 only problem its from USA so you have to wait 2 months for it free postage only bonus


They probably had one :(


When I posted, you could have ordered online! Must have gone so quick...


"Use the form below to receive a notification when this product becomes available. You will be emailed when this product becomes available if you sign up to receive a stock notification for this product."


Cant add to cart, maybe oos?


Buy a used car or this


Free LG Warranty until 31st July :|


Dammit, that's me taught.X)


Given it's 8.3 million pixels, time to get out your wallet! :D


Warranty on these TV'S appear to be by redemption from manufacturer (correct me if wrong) so for anyone who is seriously considering this TV it may be better to get another supplier to price beat this offer. I.e. According to PRC they will beat by 10% of the difference (worth a further £70 off). Think I'll wait until it's cheaper than 1 pound per pixel though.


gone up?


Is there any way of watching live TV on this? Using Fire TV with FilmOn TV sideloaded at the mo...


it's mainly for playing Vita games on TV.(not all games are compatible tho) some people use it to stream PS4 games also. but it's original name was VITA TV,and that's what it is. it is a VITA without screen. I bought one and I love it,because I want to play certain Vita games that cannot be found on any other platform and I no longer own a Vita.


I bought the camera. Still don't know what it actually does. This would be the exact same. So, doeat it actually serve a significant purpose?


They're Vita/PSTV games but OlliOlli is cross-buy.

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Monster DNA headphones £109.99 @ Chapelelectricals
Found 6th Jan 2015Found 6th Jan 2015

Oh well these where £139.99 in Currys so got myself some better than Sennheiser or Sony for sound reproduction and thanks for the sarcasm... :)


Horrible looking things and I prefer Sony or seinnhauser (or however it's spelt)


but decided on Beats instead! X)


These are great headphones for the money and never get the credit they deserve.


Get some of these if you want headphones. Fantastic for the money

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It's not available!





That's a bargain, the only thing i would add is that the actual grill bit is'nt exactly rust proof, but still a good quality product. If you get the pizza stone for it, they make superb pizza's, i think i paid about thirty quid for one, but well worth it if you make your own pizza's.


I think this is OOS


John Lewis won't price match as is online only.


I've given it a go. Also going to get the Magic Remote from Currys ( EDIT: or from here: for £30


price match jl for free 5 year warranty!!!!!top tv hot!!!!!!!


Also if you want a 5 Year guarantee its £529 at richer sounds They may even price match.


Almost identical tv without 3d here for £419.


What mhz is this? good enough for xboxOne and ps4?


yh the passive 3d is good, with these tv to get the best out of it, fine tune the image quality in terms of colour and clarity.


Ha ha ha! Sounds like the reasons I'd normally buy a tv. Trying to understand the technical stuff this time though. ;)


Just bought a Panasonic TX L42ET60B from Richer Sounds for £549.99. It's a 42" LED Smart, Passive 3D TV. This includes a 5 year warranty. I know I was supposed to consider picture quality, motion blur and a whole lot of other technical stuff but I got it basically because the wife liked the thin silver bezel!


awesome tv its worth buying a decent 3d player aswell to watch films!!!!!!!!hot.


The company gets some fair reviews but I don't like the 'business users only' tactic either.... seems a specific ploy to get around consumer protection.


Don't think I'd want to transport a 50" telly home, they need to be transported upright, or the screen might crack.


Sounds fishy.


I have this tv Got it about 3 weeks ago Am more than happy with it If I had to criticize id say no freesat Heat from me


I have this tv Got it about 3 weeks ago Am more than happy with it If I had to criticize id say no freesat Heat from me


is this 10/100 or Gbit?


If you have an iPhone there is an app so no real need for the Magic Motion remote. it also has integrated WiFi so no need for a dongle, but if you are streaming it is recommended that you use an Ethernet cable if you can. Also if it use LG apps then it will most likely have Plex installed which is great media player if you install the server on your PC.


One thing this appears to have over the WDTV Live, is DTS-HD playback.


I bought the Samsung BD5300 blu-ray player last week from M&S for £65. it has givven me access to the samsung smart hub with a reasonable selection of "apps". I wanted to run PLEX and access everything on my cumputer. Plus it plays blu-ray!


Good bit of kit at a good price. As has been said the WDTV box are close in price and spec. Would be good to hear views from folk who have this and can compare this offering with the WDTV others in this space. Also the browser does not seem to support flash. Some reviews below,


dont even bother ordering from their website its not safe - can see their cgi-bin (ie its hackable)


I'm not sure I would trust these people. They have a history of (illegally) posting positive feedback for their own website: Their address turns out to be a country cottage. Caveat emptor!


About time somebody posted a deal for a good tv - shame my budget's £500. Would have been all over this like a tramp on chips had it been closer to my budget...


Fail number 2


No need to be cocky.


I was considering a purchase from them yesterday, but bought elsewhere in the end. A very low price, but some worrying comments about them if you dig around. Some good reviews, but some people are suggesting that a lot of the reviews aren't genuine.


Far better 46" 3D Sony Bravia for not much more, here


price is £640 AFTER cashback. so you have to pay £790


Bargain of the year HOT


I bought one of these tv's in Curry's 6 months ago in a "flash" sale for £320. My reviews excellent great for the internet side of things with the lovefilm streaming, BBC Iplayer..5OD all built in and much more...add a portable HD record like sky+ functionality.....remore not being comfortable to hold I seen in one of the reviews...well all Sony TV's I've seen have the same remote control!! One down side is I've noticed light bleeding from the LED's out of the back of the TV brightening my wall behind where I have it on the dresser (it's in a bedroom) review wonderful 2nd TV for the bedroom. Edit :- Just reminded by my partner I got it for £275 was marked at £320 in the sale but had none left only the display model in the store which the gave me for £275 though 1 year warranty.


Sound isn't a big issue provided it's just down to the speakers. I'd have it linked to my stack. I'm slightly concerned about the 54% review though...


I got this exact model in a previous HUKD deal. It's a superb telly and pretty thin - looks lovely. Voted hot.


Click here for review. In practice the main advantage is that the case is typically 3cm deep, as opposed to about 7cm for a typical LCD, so it's an advantage if wall-mounting the TV. On the downside, LED Side-Lit LCDs are prone to light bleeding from the edges, clouding, banding, etc. To quote David Mackenzie, reviewer at , "Every single side-lit LCD I've reviewed has had uniformity issues of some sort". Do not believe the marketing BS about LED Side-Lit LCDs. The technology has yet to be perfected. Meanwhile, a standard LCD with CCFL backlighting is a more reliable route to excellent picture quality, & less risk of screen uniformity issues. An 'LED' may consume less electricity than it's LCD equivalent, but calculate the impact on your annual electricity bill, & you'll find it insignificant. Which? allocate only 10% of tv review scores to energy consumption.


Click here for review.


In this case I would advise to do homework and price match with John Lewis (if you ring them up and can price match anywhere, the competitor has to have a high street store as well as online. If you have already bought, dont worry, you have 28 days to price match! Hope this helps!


Me and the missus were looking at Sony LCD's in John Lewis today. The EX, NX and HX were all side by side. The NX is stunning both in looks an in performance. And the NX in question was only the 703. The NX713 can still be had for £599 and I'm hopefully will be getting one.


You can price match at John Lewis: It has been voted cold but it is up to you.


Canada ... not being personal, but that's the impression I have


Didn't see that! Anyway's was put off because it didn't come with 3D glasses. These cost a couple hundred just for themselves.


Expired now £877.98


they changed it today, this deal should be expired im afraid


the only deal i can find for that price is with 3 years warranty


how do you get it for 828 with warranty and glasses


im going to order it! they said that if I wanted to return it by my choice I will have to pay the £50 carriage charge which I think is ok Does anyone know what glasses it comes with?


This was available for price of £899 in house of fraser that time so John Lewis matched that one and then £200 trade in offer. Thats another matter that after a week I returned this one and bought KDL-46EX723


barni2006, howd you get it for £699.


yes I bought on same deal for price of £699, excellent TV, amazing pictures/sounds in 2D, yet to try 3D...also love all the APPS on this TV.....currently you can price match John Lewis to House of Fraser to get the price of £749.99 (ofcourse you will have to trade an old TV)...don't mind if anybody wants to post this as another deal.... still voting it hot as there is no tradein involved.....


It was very good, I just bought one fromJL. Price matching House of Fraser at £899 I will soon give another old TV to them so I get another £200 to make £699 :D