Cheapest 1Gig Micro SD I've seen to date - £16.94 delivered

Cheapest 1Gig Micro SD I've seen to date - £16.94 delivered

Found 13th Jan 2007
Hi Guys

My first deal post, sorry if Ive done it wrong! Cheapest Micro SD Ive seen.

MyMemory MicroSD

Share your content with friends, family and colleagues easily with a MyMemory Micro SD card specifically designed for mobile phones with expansion slots.

Warranty : 5 Years

And with 5 years warranty, can't be that bad can it?

£12.99 + 3.95 pp


[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=#ffffff][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkred]Mini Secure (Mini SD) Digital Memory Card - 2GB Mini Secure[/COLOR] [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

Where : ]7dayshop

Still no 4GB though :-((

Thanks Deal4Me and dc2447

2GB MicroSD for 7dayshop is ~ £20 delivered

Edit: Sorry... just realised the 7dayshop link isminiSD

£13.75 from Amazon (add some stuff to bring total to £15 for free delivery). I bought from amazon in december when the Hellmanss code was in the works and paid a total of £11.50 - ish (with the book). It was about £15 in december.

Where : Amazon UK]

2 Gb is the biggest micro SD card size..

That amazon price is unbeatable for a store ( assuming you can find something you want to take it over £15 for free delivery)

I have bought 2 recently from ebay ( from a UK seller with 100% feedback). Paid £13.01 for one of them and £13.49 for the other and that included next day delivery ( they were Viking and Dane-Elec brands which are slightly faster cards than the Sandisc).
You can easily bag one for a tenner if you don't mind buying from a Hong Kong seller.…tml

If you need to find some cheap stuff to get free delivery.

I remember back in August, when i was after a Micro SD they were about £25 - £35, I do love how prices of flash memory have been coming down.


]Kingston 1GB MicroSD card - £13.29]SanDisk MicroSD Ultra II 1GB Card - … ]Kingston 1GB MicroSD card - £13.29]SanDisk MicroSD Ultra II 1GB Card - £17.99from - ], cheapest ive found

Dont forget £3.95 postage
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