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Posted 6 December 2022

Cheapest Fresh Turkey From The Big 6 Supermarkets This Year e.g £4.25 per Kg - 5kg Turkey £21.25 @ Sainsbury's

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Sainsburys doing the cheapest Fresh Turkey as of today for order for Xmas or pick up in store once they become available later this month. I chose the 5kg Turkey as a comparison, but the price per kg is the same across the weight range

Sainsbury's £4.25 per kg

Aldi £4.95 per Kg groceries.aldi.co.uk/en-…000

Lidl £4.95 Per kg lidl.co.uk/p/f…013

Morrisons £4.99 per kg groceries.morrisons.com/pro…011

Tesco £5.00 per kg tesco.com/gro…979

Asda £5.00 per kg groceries.asda.com/pro…426
Sainsbury's More details at Sainsbury's

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    Hope it turns out nice and moist
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    Thanks op. So I’ve booked a c&c slot with Sainsbury’s for the 23rd dec and added a nice big Turkey - I’m a bit nervous that they may say sorry but no turkeys left so we have replaced it with a large box of After Eights or something?! Anyone got any insight please?
    You're right to be worried - Sainsburys are terrible at substitutions and follow-up customer service. Not a chance in hell I'd rely on them to deliver a turkey without a nailed-on back-up plan.
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    Fab post, thank you. I’ll be keeping my eye on this.
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    I had a load of substitutions on my Christmas shop in previous years, things have hopefully improved, I had ordered an xlarge gammon joint, this was substituted for a 500g one. (edited)
    Hmm getting better - could have been pork scratchings
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    Thanks for doing the work for us. Appreciate it!
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    I wouldn’t be leaving any main meat items such as beef, Turkey and Gammon in the hands of a supermarket delivery.
    This is instore price as per all the supermarkets, not just for home delivery or click & collect.
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    Probably a Polish bird packaged in Britain.
    I wonder who packaged it. At least it will taste better.
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    Appreciate the timely post OP - definitely needed
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    Don't take the gamble waiting to 23rd. If you really want turkey that is
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    Good spot
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    Even with avian flu being rampant, potential for another pandemic, people still want to eat this!
    I don't know if you are joking or not... so just in case, you can't catch avian flu through cooked poultry or eggs.
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    Excellent and useful post! Thanks
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    Aldi and Lidl frozen from £2.78 Kg. (edited)
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