Cheapest Lightweight Holiday/Beach/Summer Shoes £3.99 @ Amazon (Add-on item)

Cheapest Lightweight Holiday/Beach/Summer Shoes £3.99 @ Amazon (Add-on item)

Found 21st Apr 2017
Extremely light and breathable shoe, at this price they're practically disposable.

Only available at this price when Purchasing at least £20 worth of other stuff from Amazon. Free delivery.

First post, but no need to take it easy. If you've got time to moan about how someone has brought a deal to your attention, the jokes on you anyway.
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Small sizes only
3rd party china based seller fulfilled by Amazon.
add on item. cold
cheap / shoddy footwear = bad news for foot health


add on item. cold

Nothing wrong with Add on items, if it helps some people get things cheaply. This site is aimed at loads of people, so don't vote it down as a bad deal when it isn't, just because you can't meet the deal's requirements. As you say Op, the joke's on those who criticise a deal that helps some.... Well done Op!
Entitled to our own opinion..and that's mine. I buy from Amazon..but prefer it's cheaper
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