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Protien Flapjack Box of 12 for £9.99 (BBE: 30/04/2015 - 83p each) @ Cheapuksupplements - Closing down SALE
Found 11th Apr 2016Found 11th Apr 2016
Protien Flapjack Box of 12 for £9.99 (BBE: 30/04/2015 - 83p each) @ Cheapuksupplements - Closing down SALE
1st time posting a deal. Just saw this- Ideal for snacking. 27g protien per Bar Strawberry and cream flavour - haven;t triedit myself but have ordered it. Box of 12 for £9.99 the… Read more

I didnt relaise product was out of date when i put deal on, so apologies. i've contacted cheapuksupplements to ask them if safe to consume , this was the response: Frankie Rumble (BULK POWDERS) 12 Apr, 15:09 Thank you for your email. Best before dates relate to food quality, including taste, texture, aroma and appearance, whilst ‘use by’ dates relate to food safety. The ‘best before’ date provided on our products is a quality indication used by the us to indicate that the product will be at its best before a certain date. A food product which is past its ‘best before’ date can be considered safe to eat, but may not be at its best quality after this date if it has been stored incorrectly. It will therefore be safe to consume after this date providing that the consumer continues to store the product in the correct conditions. I hope this helps Kind Regards, Miss Frankie Rumble BULK POWDERS™


I'm not surprised, trying to sell one year old product!


Should they even be selling food products that are a year out of date?!


cutting out snacks with high sugar (Mars 30g, snickers 22g) is a good idea. bulk powders bars are only 3.5g which are down to the real Strawberry pieces in them. yes it is better to eat a piece of chicken or a hard boiled egg, but sometimes a healthy protein bar is a better compromise. 83p is cheaper than a Mars and a packet of crisps!


Stick to a simple Mars Bar or Snicker for i.e if your out cycling, running etc.. way cheaper and more affective and energy boost than all these overpriced sawdust protein bars out there, honest :{

Accu-Measure FatTrack GOLD PREMIUM £4.99 delivered @
Found 29th Mar 2016Found 29th Mar 2016
Accu-Measure FatTrack GOLD PREMIUM £4.99 delivered @
May be of use to some people wanting to monitor fat loss/gain. Usually sells for around £30. Updated FatTrack II Digital Body Fat Caliper Body Tracker - Body Fat and Com… Read more

£4.99 delivered "FAT CHANCE"


Says +£1.55 delivery?

Closing down sale - Cheap Uk Supplements
Found 29th Mar 2016Found 29th Mar 2016
Closing down sale - Cheap Uk Supplements
Everything must go !

Free delivery option isn't working for me, DPD next day a reasonable couple of quid.


Looks like Bulkpowders is still going. Both and are run by Sports Supplements Ltd. Accu-Measure FatTrack GOLD PREMIUM for £4.99 delivered is very cheap.


Yeah be on the lookout for them :p


Can't believe ppl get their knickers twisted over use by/best befores for tabs/caps or powders like jack3d. I bet it's heart attack time if god forbid they find a yoghurt in their fridge that's a day past it's date oO


I thought subway changed their name.

2x Jack3d Pre Workout Supplement + free shaker CHEAPUKSUPPLEMENTS (free next day delivery) - £37.98
Found 7th Jan 2012Found 7th Jan 2012
2x Jack3d Pre Workout Supplement + free shaker CHEAPUKSUPPLEMENTS (free next day delivery) - £37.98
Limited time offer on Jack3d pre workout supplement, one of the most popular supplements available currently. I have been using it for 4 months and still get good improvements in e… Read more
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Ordered from amazon the other day for 20.99, this is still a great deal though, Heat!


I'm too late also, I'll happy to pay upto £23.99 for this though. stupidly took 3 scoops of jack3d the other night and i was off my nut! Great product and always have a great sesh using it.


Back to 23.99 now glad I ordered early :)


Is this deal still running? Added 2 to basket along with a shaker but its coming up as £46.97. If it is what do you do to get it at that price?


You are entitled to your opinion. Not every pre workout supplement works for everyone. After about 4 weeks of using NO-xplode I didn't even notice an effect from it anymore. Had a similar encounter with HEMO rage to the point where there is 3/4 of a tub sitting in my room unused... Jack3d I would recommend to anybody with a bit of experience in the gym looking to take it to the next level or have a hard schedule and find themselves too tired to make their workouts. This stuff has single handedly dragged me through many workouts during exam periods. Jack3d + creatine + a good protein powder + multivitamins and your all set.