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Free CheckMend Device History Check - Valid until 28th
Found 25th Aug 2017Found 25th Aug 2017
Free CheckMend Device History Check - Valid until 28th
Enter code "FREEAUG2017"

Oh I didn't know that, thanks :) that'll save me from


Good find


It's called being in a rush.


True for someone who doesn't know without clicking throught the link - btw, you can just add it to the main post by clicking on the +Add info option, like I've done.


I hate incomprehensible posts, what's wrong with people. "A CheckMEND history report helps identify mobile phones and other devices with a hidden past, so you can buy and sell with confidence."

Check Your Device Status 99p (Using Code) @ CheckMend
Found 13th Jan 2017Found 13th Jan 2017
Just spotted this on Twitter and ran a recent purchase through it, its worth using if you have bought a second hand phone or plan on selling one on eBay. Code is SAVE2CHECK17
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This surely sounds like someone charging you money so they can record your IMEI number and personal details...


The joke went over your head!


They are all under the callcredit umbrella so expect any info you give them will be linked to your credit file which they then sell on


​i understand what you saying here, but wasn't aimed at any one particular. i just mean in general. i look at a thread for laptop and its o no it's AMD and not FHD, a car and omg it's not an Audi, a phone and o no it's not an iPhone. So as i said nothing personal it's just peoples comments in general i thought the site was about helping people not making them scared to post. I hope you understand :)


these are not really useful but are good for peace of mind. say you buy a phone off ebay and it later gets blocked. Paypal will side with seller unless you have report. If you have the report it sides with buyer. used one recently when purchasing a £550 phone from an ebay powerseller. it got blocked and he refused to believe it. claimed to paypal I modified it etc. as soon as I phoned payopal and added this as proof I won (as I should have). the one thing checkmend should do is provide lifetime updates. If you buy a report once and the status changes after 7 days it wont update you. I don't see the point in buying multiple reports for the same phone. utterly retarded of checkmend to do so.

Avoid buying  stolen goods - CheckMEND  only £1.99
Found 9th Nov 2010Found 9th Nov 2010
Avoid buying stolen goods - CheckMEND only £1.99
Wary about buying a used mobile, laptop or games console - use check mend to see if it is blocked, stolen or listed on an insurance claim form. CheckMEND is the world's largest dat… Read more

It's only as accurate as people report their stolen good. How many do? I dont think many!


99cents (61p) for US users, ripoff UK once again. Not voted, just saying.