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Mission Kids Disney 6 flavoured wraps Free from Tesco (£1.30) with CheckoutSmart
Found 20 h, 46 m agoFound 20 h, 46 m ago
Flavours available: Carrot: Strawberry: Tomato ketcup: https:… Read more
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I haven't looked at the date to be honest but bought the tomato ketchup ones.


Ditto - dated 18th!


Same with mine and other carrot ones on sale at our local Tesco.


Got these yesterday they were really short dated the 18th & 19th .They are freezable though.


Had it on my account yesterday only.

FREE Shloer Bubbly via Checkoutsmart (£2.99 @ Asda)
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Shloer bubbly 750ml currently free on the checkoutsmart app for purchases at Asda (2.99) Sainsbury's (3.30) or Waitrose (3.30). Pink or white variety.

Darn. I paid £3.30 from waitrose :(


Got one for each my accounts and already cashback processed.




Shame about the stevia though 😔


Got 2 from ASDA. £2.99 each and paying £3.30 cash back (y)

Free Rolo Mousse snack bar via checkoutsmart in Tesco, Asda and Morrisons
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
100% cashback via checkoutsmart when buy Rolo Mousse snack bar 4X30g from Tesco, Asda or Morrison's.



A sugar itself cannot have more sugar itself, have more sugar itself than itself.


Got this a couple of weeks ago, kids liked them.


I thought they were fantastic. Really nice and tasted quite grown up and luxury



Onken yogurt 100% cashback @ checkout smart £1.75 at Tesco
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
100% cashback via checkoutsmart @tesco when you buy one of these: Onken Naked strawberry yogurt 450g Onken Naked raspberry yogurt 450g Onken Naked peach and passion fruit yogurt 45… Read more

No Tesco stores near me stock these..... :-(


They are very good in finding their way to our pockets XD


They extended the offer for 6 days now.. hope you guys will have better chance getting it..


Glad i didn't update my app then lol


That's my favourite :)

4-pack of Red Stripe 440ml from One Stop - Free via Checkoutsmart
LocalLocalFound 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
Today's Advent offer from Checkoutsmart is for a free 4-pack of Red Stripe 440ml, only from One Stop stores.

Haven't been able to get this one today unfortunately - None of our stores had any in. Looks like I had been beaten to it! - Managed on the other days though.


Quote.. 'You can transfer rewards into your PayPal or bank account as soon as your balance meets the minimum payment level (£1+ for your first payment; £5+ thereafter).'


Once they owe you £20.00+ then you can "Request payment" on the account balance page for 100% payout, usually the next Thursday, and sent via BACS (ie 3 days, hence their up to 10 days payout) rather than Faster Payment (ie usually almost immediate) or of course to your PayPal a/c. Below £20, ie £19.99 or less you can still request payment BUT they deduct their 5% withdrawal fee so you don't really get the item for free, you get 95% of it. There is mention of a "minimum payout" in their T&Cs and I THINK it's currently £5.00+, but can't find a concrete reference immediately. That said CoS occasionally over credit an item and I accept their generosity with silent appreciation; whereas the times they offer "Free" but actually reward anything less than the cost my receipt shows then I email them to correct their error, and they always have with good grace.




Yep, that's pretty much it. You need at least £19.99 in your account to be able to withdraw it, and it can take up to 10 days for you to get your money.

Free Heineken 6*330ml beer at checkoutsmart, from Onestop stores
LocalLocalFound 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Buy it from One stop and claim it.....making it free after cashback

Does anyone elses receipt for this say 'Heineken 330ml' rather than it showing it being a multi-pack ? - I'm wondering if this is why mine was rejected. It shows the correct barcode though. Very strange.


Approved straight away... In the past I had my claims rejected by COS... Contacted then through email and challenged..... Every time they overturned their original decision and approved....good luck...


Anyone else have their claim for these rejected ?


Not in my One Stop unfortunately (that’s 3 deals in a row unsuccessful) however I’d already bought a 6 pack of these. Out of all the non alcoholic I’ve tried (a very small section of the market I’m sure) this was actually quite nice. Good to have in over Christmas for people popping round but driving home.


I've been craving for anything non-alcoholic beer/cidre as I've got a bun in the oven and this offer can't be resisted

4-pack of Strongbow Cloudy 440ml £4.25 from One Stop (Free via Checkoutsmart)
LocalLocalFound 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
This might be account specific, but worth looking to see if it is on yours. Today's Advent offer is for a free 4-pack of Strongbow Cloudy 440ml, only from One Stop stores (worth £… Read more

At below 5% alc, hardly tramp juice.


Just gone and got ours! - Thanks.


Great offer and available, unlike the Maltsmiths offer.


I had found the last one this afternoon... Campout complain for a freebie...


No one-stops close to me - but that said its a freebie and a good deal for those who can benefit from it - i have voted hot anyways, coz why not :)

FREE YAZOO no added sugar Strawberry 4x200ml - Morrisons via Checkoutsmart
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Checkoutsmart are offering 100% Moneyback on 4x200ml YAZOO Strawberry no added sugar. Item must be bought from Morrisons only.
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This is the one in the fridge with milk and yogurts. Not the shelf. Though is longlife and doesn't need to be refrigerated at home.


Claimed before a year and appears again. But my Morrisons don't stock it


Continually comes up on mine but we haven't found any only the packs of 6.


Not available if you have already claimed this one before.


That’s a separate deal for Yazoo Mint.

5 free yazoo mint chocolate milkshakes on checkout smart
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
5 free yazoo mint chocolate milkshakes on checkout smart
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Yes it came eventually on the payment run on Thursday there. I'll do as suggested above and just withdraw as soon as it hits £20


Have you got your payment?


I request payment everytime I hit £20 and had over 10 payments from them. Usually done in about a week. Think I did get a notification from the app a few days ago saying they're currently very busy because of all the extra offers they've put out before Christmas...


Oh dear, how come it takes so long? I am a bit worry for my payment request, i requested few days ago, hope everything is going to be fine.


Another day, still no signs of payout. The payment button has changed but other than that, nothing! Has anybody been paid by CheckoutSmart before?

Free Rolo snack on checkout smart
LocalLocalFound 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Free Rolo snack on checkout smart

Hot found a flamedeer


Admittedly I don't always go the day offers appear but I did the other day with the Rolo one and there were loads on the shelf. I don't know how long the map has been on COS but i've only just started to check it and so far it's been correct.


I've had this happen too. I think the offers appear before they get stock in.


Yes I did thanks! Went to 2 of the 3 in Aylesbury And no stock - happens quite often - they do appear but not when saying they are in stock for offer. Shame!!


That's quite unusual for COS.Did you look in the yoghurt section as that's where they were in an express?

Onken yogurt 100% cashback @ checkout smart £1.75 at Tesco
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
Choose one of: Onken Naked strawberry yogurt 450g Onken Naked raspberry yogurt 450g Onken Naked peach and passion fruit yogurt 450g At tesco. 100% cashback

On my account but not the misses' Annoying as i bought two on two different receipts. I suppose half price ain't too bad


Thank you :)


not in my Tesco - Extra's only, perhaps


Unknown brand.


I bought a Google speaker from them in the last deal ;)

Free Yazoo mint chocolate (50p) at Tesco via Checkoutsmart
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Now half price reduced to 50p but Checkout Smart are giving 50p back so free! Edit - as aau1 said it claim upto 5 times!
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its now showing that its finishing in 2 hours and i thought will go tomorrow to other branch no.....


cant find it in tesco harrow branch :(


Got my 5


I couldn't get the fuzetea's ;( , they didn't have any near me and couldn't get across town. I did however save £6 today between two different apps :) .


£400 for me over 2 accounts

FREE any 170g rich and creamy FAGE Total pot via Checkoutsmart
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
FREE any 170g rich and creamy FAGE Total pot via Checkoutsmart Offer: FREE at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Waitrose FAGE Total 0% fat Greek yogurt 170g FAGE Total 2%… Read more
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Mine has gone through with 10p 'profit' :3 Thank you (y) free iced tea on there now


Love it more when it's free Note: to withdraw cashback from Checkoutsmart need to accumulate over £20 otherwise there is a fee of 5%.


Love these (cheeky)

Today only - Happy Down Sparkling Cocktail Raspberry/Lemon £2 @ Tesco Free after Cashback
LocalLocalFound 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Urgent - today only... but check in a few days as sometimes they extend or renew deal Happy Down Sparkling Cocktail both Raspberry and Lemon flavours They are £2 @Tesco Both Chec… Read more

I've had exactly the same. Had requested payout into bank and then got an email saying it needs to be uploaded again.Thankfully I had not chucked it yet! Not sure where to re upload? I've emailed them back for instructions.


got a reply back from CoS... have paid up. they said the resubmission request was genuine... and just unfortunate mistake that they had changed the number of claims at the same time. if anyone needs the screenshots of orginal deal or confirmation email let me know


They've just got back to me and manually applied the offer (although they had to do it twice as got amount wrong) and sent apology email. £48 (£12 profit) & cc points. Will donate to food bank as I don't drink (or could take them back and make more money and donate that)


Boo Had an email asking to re-upload receipt.... apparently it was folded. So have emailed them... any of you guys had luck with persuading them to pay up


Yep I am more than a tad miffed. I got 12 of each flavour and only been able to claim 1 of each flavour so far

Free Love Hemp water (£1.30) at Sainsbury's with checkoutsmart
LocalLocalFound 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
Free 500ml bottle of love hemp spring water at Sainsbury's with checkoutsmart

Like a lot of things from Sainsbury's recently on COS hardly anywhere stocks these things in Manc I've had Tuk Tuk drinks and Soya mince on there for weeks.

Free Yazoo 4 pack @ Checkout Smart (Morrison)
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Hurry offer ends in 1 day! Only in Morrisons.
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I don't know why this is expired as with several COS deals they renew daily . I still have it available on mine for another 2 days.


Bear in mind the price paid needs to match the price of the product on offer


Thanks for the tip, will try self service.


It depends what it's printed as on the receipt I find, e.g self service tills tend to show just 'milkshake rather than 'Strawberry x 6 milkshake etc'. Sad to say I've become quite good at this. Works in Tesco for normal chocolate yazoo (since I can never find the mint choc that's on offer) .


Only ever seen the 6 pack in my morrisons, darn it!

Try Onken Naked for FREE today - (£1.75) from Tesco @ CheckoutSmart
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Try Onken Naked for FREE today from CheckoutSmart. Naked
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Thanks got it on both accounts and within minutes was rewarded. Also noticed it's reappeared again to redeem so as few other free offers I submitted recipient for. I'm not going to purchase and submit again as cashback could fail. Is this a glitch?


Thank you looks like it has been extended a day (y)


I got both yogurts and the yazoo strawberry? My tesco had power cut and fridges are empty so no point trying!


me too


Only the Waitrose one for me too

FREE Canderel sweetely 300 tablets (£3) and 125g canister sugar (£2.50) @ Tesco via checkoutsmart
Found 31st Oct 2018Found 31st Oct 2018
Free Canderel sweetely with sucralose 300 tablets And Canderel sweetely canister 125 g Tesco through CheckoutSmrt
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Same here in Ipswich! So got two for free XD


I've just got back from my local Tesco (Stourbridge) and they are on BOGOF (officially 2 for £3).Update: Got paid my £3


I have 2 accounts. One has just the croissants and pain an chocolats but the other has them and both candrels. Thanks for sharing as wouldn't have checked my other account if hadn't seen this post as rarely use it


@Domthedonkey I wouldnt even give them to my dog if i had one ,probably only my worst enemy lol


The tablets are on bogof according to

Chivas Regal 17.50, Plymouth Gin 18.00, Absolut Vodka 13.00 (Via Checkoutsmart)
Found 21st Oct 2018Found 21st Oct 2018
New alcohol offers from Checkoutsmart: Chivas Regal 12yrs 17.50, Sainsbury, Morrisons Plymouth Gin 18.00, Asda Absolut 13.00, Asda, Sainsbury (Rasberri, Vanilia, Original) Martell… Read more

Thank you. Shame that would have been great


No, sorry, it's just for one bottle


Hi if I buy 12 bottles of the wine they have on offer at checkoutsmart do I receive the amount (in this case it's £1) for every bottle I buy? Thanks for your help.

W.K. Kellogg Granola - £3 in Sainsbury's - £2 cashback @ CheckoutSmart
Found 17th Oct 2018Found 17th Oct 2018
Sainsbury's have 570g packs of W.K. Kellogg Granola on offer for £3.00 each. CheckOutSmart are offering £2.00 cashback on 2 varieties: W.K. Kellogg Super Grains Granola Cranberr… Read more
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It might just be me but i thought these were very dry even with a large helping of milk D:


After selling people refined cereals full of sugar and salt, Kellogg's are jumping on the no sugar salt plant based organic wholegrain cereals bandwagon. I guess it's better late than never but support the small companies who have been doing this for years. And Kellogg's is over priced.


Kellogg's rip off merchants reducing the size of the boxes


This is nothing like a granola. Hard bits of fruit and a funny taste to it. Don’t get it if you’re after a granola, you’ll be disappointed.


Heat! It's good granola and when it's 570g for effectively £1 that's a steal! Cheers OP.