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FREE bottle of AMSTEL @ CheckoutSmart
LocalLocalFound 16th AprFound 16th Apr
But it and then get the money back on the app Valid at Tesco, Morrison’s, co op, Londis, one shop, Budgens

It take more than one bottle to get me going lol (lol)


Paid £1.67 in morissons and got £2 back :-)


Found this beer in our local Tesco express, which is great as the offer appeared after I visited Tesco EXTRA this afternoon . (cheeky)


At least it's multiple stores! My co-op only had cans of Amstel - trip to Morrisons later me thinks!


I do find this is half the problem with Checkout Smart. Can't ever find the items. Will give this a go though!

checkoutsmart free Wow Dark Detox 250ml, £1.90x3 @sainsburys.
LocalLocalFound 12th AprFound 12th Apr
free from checkoutsmart upload receipt to claim £1.90 cashback each purchase at sainsburys only. 1 of Wow Dark Detox Cold Pressed Lemon Charcoal Water 250ml 1 of Wow Dark Detox l… Read more

yes, just noticed, i will expire, probably no one will find them anyway, like many of these checkoutsmart offers with products you have never heard of.


Awh, they changed it on the app. They've combined them so you only choose one for cashback.


Not many stores will stock, do not waste your time. I've been to stores that say they stock but do not. Best thing to do is go for online delivery in a postcode close to that store and you will see if it's available or not.


Phoned my local Redditch branch and they don’t stock it! (annoyed)


Actually now you mention it, half the time I go in for these items they don't seem to stock them or they are not there....I'm not cynical but from now on 'I'm watching them' (ninja)

4 free cocktails and 80p profit via Checkoutsmart
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
1st post, so please be gentle... Today (and I think tomorrow) in the Checkoutsmart app, at Tescos, you can get all the drinks in the picture on deals. The ones in the middle were … Read more
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Yup tried that and no joy


Try to re-submit the receipt. I always try to fit all denied products next to the receipt.


2 worked fine but CheckoutSmart denied me cashback for the happy down drinks ;( They were the only 4 items on the receipt!


Bear in mind to get all 4 u would need to find certwin large extra stores. They wont stock them in all. So i wouldn't make a trip to your nornal expecting them. The Jameson is in certain branches only as with the happy down


The Jameson is definitely available in some stores though, I saw it a few days ago.

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Happy Down Sparkling Cocktail Free + Free money via CheckoutSmart Tesco
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
A deal for Happy Down cocktails always seems to be on the CheckoutSmart app but now it's £1.50 off and the actual price instore at my local Tesco is £1.30 so free and they pay you … Read more
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I purchased these @ £1.30 and my cashback was denied, even after I e-mailed them about it


Full price here today they have had some rum and other spirits reduced however.


Just checked and checkoutsmart IS part of Quidco.


Agree re keeping til you get paid out. Sound advice ,wongy- it’s Tesco, after all, and easy to return. I actually really like the lime one. A bit moquito - ish I thought


£2 for Happy Down in Hemel Tesco Extra.

Free Supermarket own brand 5pk bananas from Checkout smart
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Free after you claim your purchase via Checkout smart Offer available for 12 days as well

Bit late in the day I know, but I've only just seen this link. Fyffes bananas? :D


On two of mine


Not on mine neither.


Not on mine. Must be account specific.


Yes, We Have No Bananas We Have No Bananas, Today.

2 packs of Bahlsen Choco Moments 120G 1/2 Price now 99p(each) via CheckoutSmart - usually £1.99 at Tesco
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
You can get Bahlsen Choco Moments for 1/2 price through the checkoutsmart app/website. Usually sells for £1.99 at Tesco. Additionally, worth a shot, is the fact that they scan ju… Read more
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the mint ones are proper proper nice


Not here to wage a war on morality with you - you are perfectly entitled to your views. In the OP I have made it just about as clear as it gets - that it shows as Bahlsen like the other biscuits and they give you a cashback, now it should be obvious (you'd think!) for CheckoutSmart to then see and reject the claim - given that the crunchy ones are for £1.99 - but they don't - I am not going to call them up and tell them hey look you are doing it all wrong, please fix it, because people might potentially take advantage of this (what in my view) is a glitch and 'defraud' you for £1.98 ! Even the use of word like 'fraud'/'dishonesty' etc. for something as trivial as £1.98 is beyond belief - but ok, whatever. That aside the whole premise of the 'deal' is that the so-called legit ones are 1/2 price - the suggestion/or worth a try (as I say in the deal) is a side-note, if people with more ethics don't like it, they are more than free to not make use of it - I am no one to make them do it either which ways. Thanks a lot for taking the time to look at the thread and weigh in with your thoughts - much appreciated. Have a good day ahead!


There's a bit of a difference between a glitch and a blatant claim of a product you didn't purchase. Not even similar situations. Think of it more like..driving a car into a brick wall, telling your insurance company it's was actually your mates car and getting a payout for it on both vehicles. If people abuse the system then they stop giving out the higher levels of cashback, free products. If you want to be dishonest (if you feel that the real term is too strong) and effectively steal that's your own decision but please make it clearer to people here that's what you're suggesting when you post your 'deal'


Defraud - now that's a strong word - I buy a product from Tesco - the receipt says what it says (I don't decide what gets printed on them) - and then I make a claim. You are entitled to your views, but going by your logic every single glitch that gets reported on here is technically fraud and should be reported to the merchants then.


Just to clarify.... Your updated clarity is to defraud Checkout Smart by claiming for a product you didn't buy!!?? No wonder their offers are going down hill.

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Stork Ready to Bake Cupcake Ready Mix FREE via Checkoutsmart
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
The cheapest I can find them is £2 at Morrisons - otherwise usually its £3 everywhere. Today you can get a 100% cashback if you buy it at Tesco or Sainsbury and upload the receipt.… Read more
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I used the voucher from Tesco magazine - £1off plus 50p off from Checkoutsmart


What free Yeo yoghurts? The only offer for yoghurts I can see is a third off.


Got the last two from our Hemel extra store. Thanks op Bought the free yeo yogurts too (6x), had to buy them one by one.


not in my local or sainsburys both which are quite big branches so cold from me. found this happens a lot item says free then you look in say 3 shops not available in any of them


Tesco superstore didn't have it, said they don't even have it on their system! Found it in sainsburys though.

CheckoutSmart free own brand medium eggs 6 pack
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
Checkout smart free own brand eggs available at Tesco Morrisons asda and sainsburys
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Heat added but not offered on mine. :(


Not on mine


Not on mine (annoyed)


no - you have to pay for them


woop woop woop on mine. I never log in...preferring to use clicksnap so I never would have checked. Thanks!

Free Hippeas Puffs Sweet and Smokin' 22g _ Claim 100% cashback via Checkoutsmart app
LocalLocalFound 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
Buy one from Sainsbury's and Claim 100% cashback via Checkoutsmart app or website

If CoS under-rewarded you by 10p then just forward the under-rewarding email to their help email pointing out that it was "free" and your receipt was for the 10p more. They should apologise and revise the reward to the correct amount. Certainly they always have with me; it's just a hassle that you should need to spend the time/effort on this; although the way I get my compensation is by not messaging them on the occasions when they over-reward me :)


Got these not free but for about 10p using warned these do not taste like crisps. I love vegetable crisps but really disliked these!


FYI: No Hippeas of any kind at large Sainsburys; and no Hippeas at my Local either. Guess you need to live in an upcoming "hip" area to find these stocked in your Local Sainsbury's. (Note it is only the 22g size too.)


Love these.


Thank you for this! Tried two big Sainsbury’s today and couldn’t locate. This explains it. Didn’t have any like with the other freebies on there today either 😔

FREE Happy down Cocktail Drink _ Claim 100% cashback via Checkoutsmart app
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
Buy one from Tesco and Claim 100% cashback via Checkoutsmart app or website!

don't know mate didn't buy them and don't use that app was just pointing out where I had seen some


Did COS pay out for it?


I agree Both flavours


I wonder if it will pay out as in the terms it says not.


got them in Tesco linwood, reduced to £1

Free eggs via CheckoutSmart - claim 100% cashback
LocalLocalFound 18th JanFound 18th Jan
6 "free" free range supermarket own brand range Valid in Asda ,Tesco ,Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Ocado- instore and online
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I haven't got it but my friend has. I use mine all the time whereas he's an occasional user. I do have the biscuits


looks like I need a new account so they will miss me


Got and thanks xx


Maybe I wasn't clear enough for you. I got an email saying they missed me and offering me this cashback deal. So the offer was there for me when I Iogged in.


yes, specific accounts only. I haven't used my account in while so it appears on mine

Kallo organic stock pots 4x24g - Claim 100% cashback @ Checkoutsmart
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Claim 100% cashback via Checkoutsmart app or website! Please check stores and expiry of offer on your app.

Heat for the offer but I wasn't lucky finding any in my Asda this morning


Picked mine up in Morrisons. Nice when it's multi stores and not just Tesco - Still to find that cocktail that was on offer throughout December!


Just got some for £1.80 in Sainsbury. Receipt processed already.

Moma Porridge Sachets - Claim 100% cashback via Checkoutsmart app
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Claim 100% cashback via Checkoutsmart app or website! Please check stores and expiry of offer on your app.

I think its request by Wed receive Monday.


You could easily get towards £15 by claiming the free things today. Porridge, sugar stuff, stock, baby food etc. Handily, Asda, Sainsbury, Tesco and Boots are all within a few minutes of each other for me. Takes about 6 days or so to get the money once you claim in my experience. They say up to 7 days but nothing happens until pretty much that period and anything you claim in the meantime gets added to the £20+ amount. i.e. you request a withdrawal at £20.30. 4 days later, you claim some beer for £2. When the money hits your account, you get £22.30 rather than the £20.30 at the time you put in the withdrawal request.


It's pretty quick. You're better off waiting till you have £20 worth though otherwise they keep 5%


They confirm very quickly. Usually same day. You can withdraw £20 plus with no fee. 5% fee if you wihtdraw under £19.99. Best to let money build up over £20 then withdraw.


Thanks for posting, heat added :) I have the app but I’ve never used it, I might give it a go today... is it easy getting paid out? Some websites make you wait ages for your offer/money to clear :( xx

Whole Earth Sweet Granules - Claim 100% cashback  @ Checkoutsmart
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Buy one from Tesco or sainsburys and claim 100% cashback via Checkoutsmart app or website!

Expensive stuff - but its 100% cashback so I don't mind for now :) Thanks OP.


This is crazy expensive (shock) Asda also has the Hippeas for £1 so 10p after cashback.


Only available in selected stores. None near me


same, very expensive no way in the world would i pay £17 for a kg of artificial sugar which it basically works out at. but ok 250g for nowt.


Got mine yesterday thanks. 4.25

FREE Arla Big Milk 2 Litre via cheackoutsmart
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
Get one from Tesco, Sainsbury's or Morrison's and get 100% cashback via Checkoutsmart app or website!

I can confirm its in Roundhay and that's just a normal/smaller store


Here you go: 5000181035179 eg


Anyone has got the Bar code for this item?


Thanks - I picked this up this morning from Tesco (£1.75), as well as today's relish freebie. Already had my money credited to my account (y)


Pleased to see this morning that they'd extended this to last until today Tue 19th. Picked up at £1.75 in Tesco - only use by 30/12 here but that's long enough - as well as today's free Relish (best by Mar 2019!).

Free via checkoutsmart superthread advent give aways! -  discounts & SoBe V water from Tesco
Found 3rd Dec 2017Found 3rd Dec 2017
The advent opening for today from checkout smart is a Wednesday 6th of December Free SoBe water - acado Free mountain dew - tesco, WHSmith , coop Tuesdays 5th of December £2 off… Read more
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Got the happy down back on mine today


The only time we found that SoBe water was in the reduced section at Tesco,nobody seems to sell it,Mountain Dew can be difficult too which is the free offer for today.


Sadly couldn't find either item instore.


All my onestop receipts have been processed today. <3


Worth pointing out it is four accounts per household(two on paypal two on BACS)

Free v smart water and Bulmers available today via checkoutsmart
Found 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
I'm learning to love this app, as part of their advent give aways today is a Free 500ml of drinks from tescos and a bottle of bulmers from one stop.... Buy, keep receipt take a p… Read more
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I think Fosters is the same as water


What about the free water?


Just picked up the bulmers and got the Fosters last night

FREE Mince Pies via Checkoutsmart
Found 29th Nov 2017Found 29th Nov 2017
Buy one pack and claim 100% cashback via Checkoutsmart website or app. Supermarket brand only!
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Can you buy Essential Waitrose mince pies under this offer?


Not mine either, heat tho 🔥


Not for me either


I cry -not on mine


Not on mine either! But, I prefer steak and kidney pies anyway. :p Heated added as this will turn up eventually.

NIVEA Q10 plus C face range (3 varieties)  buy 1 get £5.50 back with Checkoutsmart
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
NIVEA Q10 plus C face range (3 varieties) buy 1 get £5.50 (RSP £10.95*) FAGE Total Greek recipe yoghurt split pot 170g (6 varieties) FREE (RSP 80p-£1.15*)
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In the Tesco Superstore close to me they are at half price - so I effectively got 50p for buying the product after cashback from checkoutsmart.


It’s £5.35 in Superdrug, but they only give cash back if bought from Tesco. About £10 in Tesco currently 🙄


Wheres the cheapest price available atm for the nivea q10 :/