Cheech And Chong Box Set - £6.99 @

Cheech And Chong Box Set - £6.99 @

Found 31st Oct 2007
Funny show (if your into that) 18+
2 of there best movies

Up In Smoke:
There's nothing straight about this movie. But here's the dope anyway: Cheech and Chong make their film debut in this riotous rock 'n' roll comedy, bringing with them the same madness, lifestyles and sketches that sold over 10 million records in the early '70s. Cheech and Chong's marijuana-laced humor keeps their spirits high and leads them to an outrageous finale at L.A.'s Roxy Theater, where Cheech performs in a pink tutu and Chong dresses as a large red quaalude. It will make you feel very funny.

Still Smokin':
It's Cheech and Chong at their wildest, craziest, most medicated, doing all those zonked-out characters and hilarious routines that put them where they are today -- out of the country. It's a Cheech and Chong fan's ultimate pipe dream. If you're not already a convert, Ralph and Herbie will make you one by the end of the DVD.


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Really good cult movies


up in smoke - one of my fave films, first 20minutes kills me :D:D:D:D:D
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