Cheech And Chong Collection [5 Disc Box Set] DVD £11.89 Delivered @ Sendit

Cheech And Chong Collection [5 Disc Box Set] DVD £11.89 Delivered @ Sendit

Found 19th Oct 2009
Munchies at the ready.........

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Cheech is a "cool" ladies man for a big film studio , whilst his spaced-out unemployed friend, Chong, keeps getting him into trouble. Together they take off on a round of adventures that take them through a movie studio. A massage parlour, a police raid, the living room of a very rich family and, finally, through the roof!

Get Out Of My Room
A mock documentary filmed mostly in L.A. with interviews of Cheech and Chong interspersed between four videos of songs from their last album: Get out of my room, I'm not home right now, love is strange, born in East L.A.

Nice Dreams
The outrageous, permanently spaced-out duo sell enough of their "specially mixed" ice cream to take the cash and realize their fondest dreams. But, of course, not everything goes as planned. As Chong mistakenly changes money for a worthless bank cheque - and the only way to get it back is to escape into a nearby insane asylum!

Things Are Tough All Over
Cheech and Chong drive a limousine to Las Vegas, with $5 million secretly stashed in the front seat. A series of mad adventures ensues as the pair 'loose' the money and are forced to run and hide from the owner's of the car - who are swearing to kill them!

Born In East L.A.
Cheech is mistakenly deported to Mexico as an illegal immigrant and has no way of proving that he belongs in America. He is then forced to rely on cunning and crazy schemes to sneak back in the country!
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Five superb anarchic movies for a great price, thanks.
I'm back in busines.... :-D
"Its mostly Maui Wowie, but its got a little Labrador in it man..."
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