Cheech & Chong Still Smokin' (DVD) - Only £2.15 @ Amazon

Cheech & Chong Still Smokin' (DVD) - Only £2.15 @ Amazon

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Cheech & Chong are invited to a celebrity party/festival in Amsterdam. When they get there, however, it turns out that the guy who invited them has taken off with all the money, and the rest of the hosts have a VERY limited budget. They are actually expecting Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton, so our heroes gets to be Mr. Burt and Mr. Dolly. We follow them around Amsterdam, at their hotel, (still) smokin' joints and doing shows.



Bargain and smokin'

just ordered

I just like this :))))

are we smokin dogsh*t maaaan! lol

The only Cheech and Chong films that are funny and worth watching are their first 2 - 'Up In Smoke' (Genius film) and 'The Next Movie' (Pretty good).

The rest, including this one, are pretty dire to be honest and some of the 'humour' is cringingly bad.

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Gotta love Cheech & Chong movies!

I loved these films they remind me of my youth,MAN. well worth £2.15.
"Anyone wanna chip in on a fivers deal?"
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