Cheerios Crunchers still 2 for £2 instore @ Asda

Cheerios Crunchers still 2 for £2 instore @ Asda

Found 17th May 2010
Shelf price is £2.18, and special sign on shelf confirms this price because they were advertised as £1 each in an offers booklet a while back, The sign also says there are still included in the 2 for £2 offer, so a tidy saving of £2.36 for the two boxes. This was instore in Edinburgh Jewel, and as it is not listed online I cannot vouch for the availability of this being nationwide, although it should be - as long as that sign is still up!

And yes I know this was posted 3 months ago...


is this 500g?

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is this 500g?

It's your standard 'small' box im afraid, but as they're Cheerios there are plenty of servings to be had :thumbsup:
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