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Posted 25 January 2023

Cheerleader hotdogs 930g £1.19 @ FarmFoods Filton

In store: Bristol ·
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Large jar of large hotdogs for 1.19 at farmfoods Filton

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  1. cra1g0s's avatar
    Spend a bit more and buy some amazing hot dogs from The Sausage Man
    nylec's avatar
    Sounds like a noncey superhero
  2. zx636r's avatar
    Aren't these made from the sweepings off the abattoir floor?
    laughingman's avatar
  3. Jonj1611's avatar
    Are they made from real cheerleaders?
  4. Twelvetoes's avatar
    15p a hotdog and a jar with a cheerleader on it - what’s not to like ? VOTED HOT
  5. andyham's avatar
    Do expect pork hotdogs when they are shown..?!

    Poultry meat (chicken), mechanically separated 80%, poultry skin 10%, water, modified starch, soy protein concentrate, salt, pork protein, stabilizer: triphoshate, sugar, spices, flavours (including smoke flavour), vegetable protein hydrolyzate, flavour enhancer: monosodium glutaminate, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, preservative: sodium nitrite, Brine: water, salt
  6. tecnodweeb's avatar
  7. Accy_Chap's avatar
    Don't choke on the pom-poms
  8. ApolloX1's avatar
    Chicken hotdogs, absolutely disgusting. Spend a bit more and get pork ones.
  9. matthewiles123's avatar
  10. Malabus's avatar
    Be very careful of machanically separated meat...youtube it.
    xenophon's avatar
    Be very careful of machanically separated meat...youtube it.
    That's alright I only eat mechanically separated meat.
  11. eclogite's avatar
    They were 99p when they hit the shelves after Christmas. Made by the same company who produced the fill'em up tinned pork and ham which I found to be inedible. Has anyone actually tried these?
  12. Dawsy's avatar
    Great way to convert your children to go vegetarian
    catalonia's avatar
    And malnutrition!!
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