Cheerson CX - 20 GPS Auto Pathfinder QuadCopter (Gearbest EU Warehouse) £143.43

Cheerson CX - 20 GPS Auto Pathfinder QuadCopter (Gearbest EU Warehouse) £143.43

Found 25th Jan 2016
Don;t forget to choose EU, the price is £161 if you choose the Chinese warehouse and you would be liable for VAT+Duty.

Also, if you choose to pay by Paypal, you will be charged ~£156. I paid by Halifax Clarity credit card and it shows exactly £143.43 on my card transactions

A well respected drone with masses of user support (…php?t=2206138) and this version has the open-source flight controller so you can use Mission Planner.

Comes with an anti-vibration mount for a gopro (or a mobius or similar), but no camera.

NOT A DRONE FOR A NOVICE!.Please learn to fly on something smaller, as although it has a number of auto/stabilised modes (including return-to-home as falisafe), you still need to be able to fly it and not rely on the flight controller to do your job for you.

Also, please fly sensibly and away from other people. When looking at youtube videos of quadcopters, I have been horrified by how close they are being flown over the public (including major roads). See…pdf for official CAA guidance
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Oops, also forgot, you can get £13.21 topcashback, so that makes it £130.22. I ordered mine on Friday,today, Monday the cashback has tracked and the quad has been despatched from Gearbest (sadly via Hermes )
Highly recommend this for the price. It's fast, flighs high, can carry go pro without issue and it a good all round quad. Some faults I would point out are as follows;

not the best GPS fix
Brittle plastics so extra care needed on landings

Also recommend doing this

Auto Tune

It was my first quad and although I've had some crashes, it's not been a problem. Just be safe and dont fly over people.
I wouldn't mind a quad that could run with a GoPro. Having a PTZ would be badass, but at this price point who can complain
I love how this hasn't got heat but a £50 on a DJI phantom would. Personally I'd say this a comparable product to the Phantom 2. Quality isn't quite as good but the price is a lot better. Also, comparing it to the Bebop is a different kettle of fish. Bebop runs off wifi so is prone to fly away, Bebop has good stablisation but cant carry a go-pro, so one scratch on the lens it's screwed. Also cheapest price for a bebop is twice this and thats with you using your phone to fly. For the sky controller (still wifi) it's basically £500+.
Pleasantly surprised that this arrived today (Tues). Pity the weather is so windy for the next few days!
I was considering one of these until the Phantom 3 standard dropped in price to £449.

Got to say the Phantom 3 Standard is amazing for the price.

With this if you add the camera, gimbal and FPV kit then you'll be pushing £350, I felt that spending another £100 to get the Phantom offered better value (man gadget lodgic?).

I suppose if you already have a suitable camera then this would be a good way to get it airborne.

PS I always enjoy Quadcopter101 reviews…5Zk
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