Chefs hat and apron for kids .50p in asda instore

Chefs hat and apron for kids .50p in asda instore

Found 19th Apr 2014
Kids apron and hat sets remixed to .50p instore at asda
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What store please
Wow remixed thats new
I got one of these a while back, hat way too small for the age it says, but apron great for the £4 I paid, so a bargain for 50p
I bought the l
I bought the last piece in the Ellesmere Port branch a few months ago, paying £4 same as previous poster. It was well worth the £4 so if you can find it at this price still, grab for gifts. The apron is a thick oil skin one which will last many years. The strings to attach are well sewn on and sturdy. They even have velcro for the neck strings so where I've tied my son's up so he's covered from chin down rather than mid-chest down, all we have to do to get him out is undo the velcro (and pull the waist fasteners out of a bow). I have complained about the hat too (way too small as in ages 2-3 possibly younger but the apron is 4+) as would happily have paid full price for the set to give away. But even so I've seen shops sell poorer quality aprons for nearer the £10 mark!
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