Chemical Records Monster Sale - Clothes up to 75% off

Chemical Records Monster Sale - Clothes up to 75% off

Found 26th Mar 2008Made hot 26th Mar 2008
The winter sale was posted back in Jan, this may be the same sale but called 'Monster'

Plenty of good clothes/trainers/accessories available from brands such as Chunk, 55DSL, DC Shoes, Addict, Fenchurch, Wesc, Junk Food.

Just bought a couple of X-large Tees and a hoody, although really shouldn;t have

First post so no abuse please Aplogies if links/images incorrect


this is a hot one for me - nice one.
The sale was on before christmas but they've reduced a few more thins.
You might get some cold votes as people who simply don't like things sometimes vote cold for the sake of it.

Zoo York tees for under £15 - OMFG !

Good first post mate - rep added :P


Arrrrrrrr £17.87 m'heartys

Got myself a Fenchurch belt. Thank you OP, rep added.

prices always look good on this site until the vat is added
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