Chemistry  by Robert Hodgson a free kindle book on Amazon

Chemistry by Robert Hodgson a free kindle book on Amazon

Found 4th May 2013
Francis is clever, successful and really rather nice, but he has a problem.

He has no idea how women think. He doesn't know when they love him or why they sometimes hate him. So he turns to science for the answer and develops his own theory of how men and women react with each other.

His theory guides him through tortured adolescence and into perplexing manhood but fails to predict the outcome of his intense, passionate but mostly hapless relationships.

His quest to find the ultimate "oxygen" woman combines small triumphs with an unending litany of catastrophes until he is finally faced with the awful truth.

It’s a story about how men try to make sense of women, and mostly fail.

Francis's story brings together the belief systems of all the people in his life and compels him to choose between them. It forces him to confront the question of whether his own theory is based on scientific rigor or is no better than the superstitions that he so despises.

It offers an alternative view of the concept of manhood in the 21st century and examines the conflicting patterns of life’s seeming predictability and spontaneity in a funny, thoughtful and at times, cringingly embarrassing story.

Oh…and it’s a comedy.

"Does for science what Nick Hornby's High-Fidelity did for music."
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