Cherries MK 1/2 price ( manager special) = £1.... (300g)
Cherries MK 1/2 price ( manager special) = £1.... (300g)

Cherries MK 1/2 price ( manager special) = £1.... (300g)

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In local sainsburys were they were clearing loads of cherries at above price.
The offer were you can buy two and save £1 applied.

Giving you £4 worth of cherries for a quid.


managers special is exactly that onkly applies to 1 store

Only 99p to begin with in my local Aldi

Though 'undated' and will admit they had a relatively short shelf life after I bought them - which was okay as they were going to be eaten anyway.

my asda has just reduced the chicken..run!!


jk.... sorry was mean bit its a one off...so not hot

Yes, as said above managers specials vary per store.
My store had box loads of the 300g Cherries reduced at the weekend, 50p a box, but the great thing was if you bought 2, you'd get them for free (as 2x 50p = £1 then -£1 for the offer)
Also, sometimes when they have managers specials on loose produce there's a chance for a bargain!
For example, a couple of weeks ago, my store had Loose Fresh Peas on Managers special down to 50p a KG which in itself is a good offer, as they were £3.49 a kilo, but the offer at the till took a reduction of £2.99 off no matter how many you bought, so you could buy one pea pod, and you'd end up with about £2.95-odd off your shopping! It happens loads in my store, i don't know about others, but worth a try! They also had a similar offer on courgettes the other week too.

No mangers near me
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