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Cherry 7up/normal 7up 2 litre bottles £1.00 @ Asda
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Cherry 7up/normal 7up 2 litre bottles £1.00 @ Asda

Posted 1st May 2011

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Just found 2 litre bottles of 7up and Cherry 7up for £1 each in my local Asda. Acording to customer services it's available in most stores. The Cherry 7up isn't the pink colour liquid it used to be it's now clear. In my opinion I think it tastes the same as it does in the cans. Used to be able to get cans of Cherry 7up in the odd corner shop but this is the first time I've ever seen it available in a 2l bottle.

Just checked and it's available online too. Not sure about delivery costs etc as never used Asda for online shopping.
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7-up cherry bottles? never seen this in any asda in cardiff
Not seen it either, but I want to try it now as it sounds nice
It's lovely!! Deffo worth a trip to asda.
Got some the other day, tastes exactly as the tins !
I love cherry 7up! Wish I'd gone doen the fizzy drinks aisle today when I went shopping now ..
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Lidl 7Up 2 for £1.66.
AH but no Cherry 7 up in Lidl! Asda don't do the cans only these 2 litre bottles. The corner shops get the cans from cash and carrys but the prices have gone up from 55p a can to around 85p. Not bad when for another 15p you get an extra 1670ml lol

Think I'll place a bulk order online and stock up.

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Woohoo finally, will have to pop by, it was always a treat finding the cans in a corner shop, and also the £1 shop, but my one dont seem to do it anymore, ahh well will ahve to pop in the Asda near work and hope they have these tasty bottles
Yeah got a bottle yesterday in my asda (had new line on shelf) great shame its not diet but tastes great.
Cherry 7 up is amazing!

Always wondered why you could never buy it other than in a can from independent stores!

Great post!
Theyve had this in asda benton for about a month now dont know if they were just trialling it or what. Lovely stuff. They also do Reggae Reggae Pop (lilt) And have started selling some ridiculously overpriced hersheys products including hersheys kisses.
Cherry 7up is quite simply the best soft drink on the market... shame one can gives you 33% of your recommended daily allowance of sugar - I knew it had to taste good for some reason.
good stuff if its true. hopefully its in my local too. usually just go to bookers and get crates of this stuff, ofcourse you need to know someone with a bookers/makro card
I always buy a crate of the cherry 7up cans every time I am in Booker, always around £6 for 24 cans
omg cherry 7up...off to asda i go!! yum yum
same deal in tesco at the minute as well
Don't think I've had Cherry 7 Up since about the 80's almost! I used to love it. Hope they haven't sneaked any aspartame in there like they did with Tango?

7-up cherry bottles? never seen this in any asda in cardiff

I bought it from Asda Cardiff Bay on Saturday - they had loads there
Available in Trafford Park Manchester
Back upto £1.79 now!
Glad I stocked up the day before the price went up. Oh well was good while it lasted, hope a few others enjoyed it too.

Time to expire.
I picked up a bottle earlier (theyve gone back up to £1.79, 2 for £3 now) and tbh, the cans taste better/ stronger..

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