Cherry Brandy Cheesecake Iceland *reduced to clear* 75P

Cherry Brandy Cheesecake Iceland *reduced to clear* 75P

Found 2nd Jan 2009

so please check you local store

currently is in the darlington stored

75p Reduced form £3

875g Cherry Brandy Cheesecake - NEW!

Chocolate biscuit base layered with chocolate cheesecake with a cherry and brandy filling, topped with cherry and brandy jelly, brandy cream mousse and dark chocolate decorations.



Mmmm that looks nice,Iceland it is 2moro lol


erm why si this voted cold.i no its a frozen shop but this deal is HOT … erm why si this voted cold.i no its a frozen shop but this deal is HOT HOT HOT

Yes same thoughts here......looks really nice. Will look in Iceland tomorow. Heat given:)

Can the cold voters explain why this a bad deal?? Heat given



i really wanna no. hows its cold vote FROM £3 TO 75pPLEASE EXPLAIN

Yeah - quite odd
75p for a cheesecake is good
Gets heat from me

cold! but hot!

good buy.....i paid £3 for this at Christmas! good size too for 75p especially if u love the taste of cherries/brandy coz its got a strong but nice tang to it!

lol cold desert, hot price!!

where I work, reduced to clear is for stuff that will be going out of date soon, for example we have 2 dates in Sainsbury's one is display date and the other is use by or best before date. when the display date has been reached we usually knock the price down so people can buy it for less. the stuff that is reduced is completely random, it could be anything and once we have cleared it that is it for that particular item, until another batch has reached the display date, thus that cycle begins again. This might apply to the cheesecake you have brought and it might be the reason it is being voted cold, because it is only temporary and might not appear in all stores. Hot price for cheesecake though

Most xmas stuff is reduced, depends on store. I posted about other food yesterday, I got the £4 orange chocolate cheesecake for 75p.…t-i
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