Cherry Scones 10 for £1 @ ASDA

Cherry Scones 10 for £1 @ ASDA

Found 24th May 2011Made hot 24th May 2011
Popped into asda yesterday and picked up some cherry scones 10 for £1

Also available on their website


Not worth making them yourself, if they are that price.

A local baker here charges 42p / scone, so this seems like a good deal
Yep can confirm I bought some this morning,but didn't have any of the cherry left only sultana which are also £1

those sound soooo good right now !!

had these before,didnt rate them much TBH

There are never enough fruit in them.

If these are ready packed ones they are rubbish

Morrisons ones from the bakery are the best IMO

not tryed them before but hopefully will have some left for me lol

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theyre the freshly baked ones, at least those are the ones i bought instore, the ones i got are fruity enough


i love cherry, and i love scones, two of them combined , perfect!
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