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Visit 7 zoos for free, kind of ( need to be Chester zoo annual members)
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Posted 1st Sep 2018Posted 1st Sep 2018
Visit 7 zoos for free, kind of ( need to be Chester zoo annual members)
This is more of a heads up for those that live in and around Merseyside and the northwest. If you take out a 12 month Chester zoo membership than you can visit 7 other zoos within … Read more
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We didn't know... We'll ask next time we visit


 So is my wife and we didn’t get the extra 3 months  Did you ask or didn’t you know? We’ve had it for a few years now so it makes it a really good deal.


So is my wife and we didn't get the extra 3 months ;(


Edinburgh zoo used to be the cheapest membership if I remember correctly.


Just to add to this for a heads up. I’m a member of Chester zoo and as my partner works for the NHS we get an extra 3 months added to our annual membership. So it’s 15 months for the price of 12. Hope this helps someone who’s not in the know (y)

Chester zoo annual pass ( 2 adults,  1 child) - £185
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Posted 19th Jul 2018Posted 19th Jul 2018
For some strange reason it's £20 cheaper to buy a family ( 2 adults, 1 child) chester zoo annual pass by direct debit ( 4 monthly payments)... Also with this pass you are entitl… Read more
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Chester zoo


never been in a zoo for the last over 12 years. What a disgrace the London zoo, they tried to charge me £10 to park a very small scooter, the thing is that it was the same price for a car. When I asked why I do not get a car space they said it was not allowed and they would have forced me to park in a confined space. Their bad because since then I take my guests somewhere else. That is how they help the animals


It is the biggest in UK


100% Agree. It's good because it's your local zoo. But for most of us it's quite a treak and most of us only go to a zoo every few years .. I myself have not been to a zoo in 7 years..


Depends how often you visit and if you visit any if the other zoos I've mentioned... The way we use our membership means each visit costs us £10 per person per visit

Chester Zoo anual passes from £90
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Posted 24th Mar 2018Posted 24th Mar 2018
Chester Zoo anual passes from £90
Single Adult£90 Joint Adult £155 Child 3-17 £50 Family2A 1C £185 Family 2AD 1C £227 Prices for single parent familes als available Prices are by direct debi This price include… Read more

Yes you're completely right; I don't know the figures on the amount of species they've helped survive like they are currently doing with the jarvan green magpie, but does that necessitate non endangered captive animals like their colony of penguins kept in incredibly small spaces compared to their wild counterparts, no, and I wholly agree with you. I think it comes down to how much in a direct or tertiary way they have contributed to the betterment of the preservation of animals through either direct funding or by people finding their love for animals there and going on to donate or support them in other ways. Like princessjellybean said, there are certain animals even in Chester (which is far above every zoo in UK in terms of animal care) that are ill-treated, however indirectly. Like you said hoglet, it's an unnecessary amusement in the main and it would be far better to donate directly.


I respect your opinion but have you seen the kind of animals they have? How many of them need to be kept in a zoo because they are endangered? Not that many. It’s simply for the visitors amusement. It’s a terrible way to keep animals. Outdated and cruel


No, it was Chester Zoo.


Wasn't that colwyn bay?


I remember visiting Chester Zoo very many years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday; I remember a polar bear in a concrete enclosure rocking, and swinging its head from side to side continuously . It is an image that has stayed with me my entire life ;(

Chester Zoo 30% off 9th & 10th July £16.36 adults £12.95 children over 3 usually £26 & £22
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Posted 6th Jul 2016Posted 6th Jul 2016
Chester Zoo 30% off 9th & 10th July £16.36 adults £12.95 children over 3 usually £26 & £22
Just had this email from Chester Zoo who NEVER give discounts.... It's been a year since we first opened Islands at Chester Zoo and since then we've welcomed lots of new animal arr… Read more

damn you HUKD..its slashing it down today.


I fully understand that in business hitting the sweet spot in pricing where you maximise your revenue is vitally important. My argument is that I don't think their current pricing model does that as they are pricing a fair number of families out of the market. The fact that Chester Zoo is actually doing a 30% off weekend suggests that they are considering this issue themselves. If you also consider that Zoos have a secondary mission to help with conservation and to educate, then a pricing model that brings more people through the gates should be considered, even if it produced a slight fall in revenue.


I totally respect your view and see where you're coming from. But if they calculate that the increase in sales with a lower price wouldn't make up for the lower revenue, then they'd be worse off.


Chester Zoo and any decent zoo for that matter justify their existence in part with their conservation work etc. Bringing the plight of animals around the world to the attention of the public should not just be aimed at people with a high disposable income. A family day out that costs £100 is an awful lot of money for some families, and that's without factoring in the ripoff prices inside for drinks etc. At busy times of year the zoo can be very full so discounts probably wouldn't be advisable, but half price tickets in the off season would enable more families to visit the zoo, and may just generate more income for the zoo overall in the process. I am a supporter of Chester Zoo and have a membership which my family have used many times this year, but I strongly feel they need to make places like this more accessible to struggling families.


I tend to agree with you on price, it would be nice if they offered discounts during the quieter times of the year.

Chester Zoo, kids go free over the Bank holiday
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Posted 21st Aug 2014Posted 21st Aug 2014
Chester Zoo, kids go free over the Bank holiday
Free entry for kids at Chester Zoo over the Bank holiday if you book online and use the promo code ( use for visits on 23rd, 24th, 25th )
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Looks looks the weather did you a favour there as predicted, glad you had a good day out.


We went today no queue. It was busy but only really noticed it in the indoors bits. Paid just £20 for me and the two kids.


We went today no queue it was fab :-) thank you poster :-)


We went yesterday,was a que but nothing like carnage.Well organised and in within about ten minutes.Also got a new excellent system to get inside,was in within a couple of minutes.Well worth the visit,don't be put off BY ANYONE !


I live up the road from Chester Zoo and the queues to get in there on a bank holiday are ridiculous at the best of times, with this offer on there is going to be carnage. The weather might put people off though, it's going to pi$$ down all day round here.

15% off Admission for Cyclists at Chester Zoo
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Posted 9th May 2013Posted 9th May 2013
15% off Admission for Cyclists at Chester Zoo
15% off Admission for Cyclists at Chester Zoo - They believe in no nasty emissions..
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I see a lot of motorists who should be behind bars


Best place to keep cyclists. In the zoo (_;)


If only Knowsley Safari Park did something similar....

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Chester Zoo tickets £9.99
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Posted 16th Sep 2009Posted 16th Sep 2009LocalLocal
Was 'told' the other day by OH that we were going to Chester Zoo so began searching for vouchers or discounts to no avail. Found loads of 'kids go free' tickets but nothing for adu… Read more
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Ignore me. Just emailed them and they stopped selling Chester Zoo tickets a couple of years ago. total shame. :(


Anyone know if this is still going in 2018? Want to go first weekend in August.


You said that adults can buy tickets for the zoo from Chester oaks but do they sell tickets for children too at a reduced rate


Here is a voucher 4 one free child for 2 full paying adults!


My son & 2 friends went on Sunday, so I checked on here if there were any deals posted as even with Student discount its £15,25. So as they were going to Cheshire Oaks the day before I said to ask at the tourist information desk , expecting that they's only be able to get standard reduced adult tickets at £11.95 but they were able to purchase reduced student tickets at £8.95 I think. A great saving. Thank you. Even if you were going for the day it's worth a little de-tour to Cheshire Oaks to get the reduced tickets & then you don't have to queue at the zoo either.