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Chevrolet Captiva LT £17995, 9k off deal now extended to LT model as no LS models left, Chevrolet dealers
Found 8th Jan 2014Found 8th Jan 2014
the previous deal was for the LS 2 wheel drive model, this is the all wheel drive LT version OFFER DETAILS With the Best Chevrolet Deals Ever you can get the spacious 7-seat famil… Read more

Looked at the Chevy captiva when the offer was on hot uk deals,. Ordered the Renault Scenic X Mob with all the extras, Sat nav, cruise control, climate control and bose stereo. Was pre registered with 4 miles om the clock, and £16, 495 from £21, 095..


Based on the £22k model it was a 40% saving, now it's just a 25% saving (ish)...not so hot but good if you want one....


If you are looking for a Leon/ etc why are you reading a thread for a 7 seater captiva? Try the search facility?


some of us do not need to drive suv's, 4x4's etc around town to compensate for you know what :p



Chevrolet Spark £2480 off now £6395 is this the cheapest small car on sale in the UK? 2014 model from Chevrolet dealers
Found 5th Jan 2014Found 5th Jan 2014
hardly any money at all! (mind you you could buy a 10 yr old BMW X5 (petrol) with more miles than the USS Enterprise for the same money) OFFER DETAILS With the Best Chevrolet Dea… Read more

Clearly you are an expert. I merely stated fact from Chevrolet that they'll provide support for 10 years after 2016 but what that really means who knows.


Sadly yes Sadly yes


another thread turned into a row :-P hukd FTW!!


So you agree they are pulling out of UK, the year being different, but 2015 was being reported previously. Maybe as you're a self declared expert you can guarantee that support will be adequate for the following 10 years, when to some people at least, it isn't even now?


Agreed, The car may have been out of warranty (due to their refusal? to reply), but the problems occurred during warranty. It sounds as thoiugh they, like many manufacturers have just tried their luck.

Chevrolet Camaro £7000 off now only £29,820 from Chevrolet dealers
Found 5th Jan 2014Found 5th Jan 2014
in the words of the late Felix Dexter, "what a bargen!" OFFER DETAILS With the Best Chevrolet Deals Ever you can get the iconic American muscle car, the Chevrolet Camaro Convertib… Read more

To each his own...


Ha, the stuff dreams are made of. Although a Mercedes SL65 AMG Black would be my preference.


Audi R8 - now if only they'd have a 'glitch' on them!


The next decent car that the Yanks make will be the first one. They should stick to McDonalds.



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Chevrolet Orlando £7k off now £13620 new from Chevrolet dealers
Found 5th Jan 2014Found 5th Jan 2014
seems like a bargain if you are looking for such a thing, 2.0 litre diesel 7 seater OFFER DETAILS With the Best Chevrolet Deals Ever you can get the spacious 7-seat MPV, the Chevr… Read more

Well spotted


Am I right in thinking Klaatu barada nikto?


It’s good I meant


It’s to have a bit of long term follow up, glad it worked out


This is where we got ours from.

Chevrolet Captiva £9k off - reduced from £21,295 to
Found 4th Jan 2014Found 4th Jan 2014
Just looking around at new large cars and Chevrolet have a huge amount off their Captiva range. It gets pretty good reviews and with that kind of money off seems like a very good d… Read more

BMW and Mercedes 'only' have 3 year warranties (even the £70k+ ones). What's your point again ?


you should go with an insurance company that allows cover for several cars with one ncd..swift cover will do it


yep only 3 and I did order one but got nothing


I got a call from Chevy direct today. The £9,000 is valid on the LT (7 Seater, etc) but it's off the £27k list price, so it ends up ay c£18k...less of an impulse buy but they're still available... Not sure what deals on top of this you may get


Seems like it was easier to find rocking horse poo than this vehicle at the price advertised. Only 3 available for the whole country at the advertised price. Story confirmed by Chester and Liverpool dealers. Seems like a way to drum up business then up sell to the better specced models. Both salesmen at the dealers sounded annoyed that Chevy had advertised the deal but they couldn't get the stock to fulfill the orders

The cheapest big car in the world £9995 @ Chevrolet
Found 23rd Sep 2010Found 23rd Sep 2010
Saw this in the "Telegraph" today. Fed up with cramped family hatchbacks? Fancy a proper, roomy, four-door saloon with a large, secure boot? I mean a credible, good-looking, affor… Read more
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lol, nope, we are running it in to the ground, just a shame its very thirsty else wouldnt mind so much.


That limited edition version looks good. If it is only worth pennies do you want to sell it to ME ?

Soulreape - We have the limited edition version. Agree with you though, it is a crying shame that USA cars steering wheels are on the wrong side :(


I didn't test drive the car in the end. Dealer didn't have any obvious customer parking and I couldn't find anywhere nearby to park so I didn't bother. I did however confirm that the reduced price is exlcusive of the 5 year care package. I did see the car in passing though and it's not a bad looking car. I think anyone dismissing it on the basis of past Daewoo cars or rebadged Daewoo cars or compete lack of any knowledge of the car at all should perhaps keep opinion muted until they find out a little more about what they're talking about. The car has Euro NCAP 5 star best in class crash rating, and yes it's never going to set anyones world on fire but it's cheap and sensible motoring for people who want something other than a supermini. Shame about the 5 year care pakage as that would be a super deal. So I'm not going to vote hot or cold as it's an OK deal for me.


It wasnt worth 17000 when you bought it (may have cost you that, god knows why though), Chrysler dealer near me had Cruisers brand new about 3 years ago for 8995. It does bug me that when american cars come over here they treble in price. Last year in the states I could have picked up a brand new Dodge Caliber for $6000 exchange rate at the time was about 1.6 so it worked out at just under £4000!!!! 2 years ago I test drove a Corvette 6 litre version, I could have bought it for $32000 about £20000

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Chevrolet  Matiz scrappage scheme £4995 if you don't fancy the picanto....
Found 15th Jan 2010Found 15th Jan 2010
If you don't fancy the Kia picanto and you have a car for scrappage you can get the Matiz @ £4995. In addition you have the chance to purchase a 3 years Fixed Price Service Packag… Read more

wont let me send you a pm about games please move to my thread plz sorry to op only way i could contact this person


order a car with chevrolet you could be in for one hell of a wait we ordered our captiva from them in the middle of august finally received a call on tuesday to let us know it will be ready by friday - fcuking rediculous last chevrolet i'll ever buy


MATIZ VS. PICANTO (NCAP TEST) NCAP - MATIZ 2.5 out of 5.0 stars for adult occupant 3.0 out of 5.0 stars for child occupant 3.0 out of 4.0 stars for pedistrain Crash test video below for MATIZ: NCAP - PICANTO 3.0 out of 5.0 stars for adult occupant 4.0 out of 5.0 stars for child occupant 1.0 out of 4.0 stars for pedistrain Crash test video below for PICANTO:


A car :)


All those decrying the Matiz stick your hands up. What do you all drive? This a great wee car. We ran one for over 2 years during which time my son used it more than anyone as his first drive. The car was driven hard during our ownership by all the family, including me. Over that time nothing went wrong with it. Economy , first class. Only reason we sold it was to have something bigger. We`d sold on our main, larger car for a 2 seat job. So, c`mon all you Top Gear buffs, what do you really drive that`s so much better than the deserving Matiz?