Chewbacca Bed Warmer Pillow £4.80 @ Sainsbury’s instore

Chewbacca Bed Warmer Pillow £4.80 @ Sainsbury’s instore

Edited by:"RedNWhite"Found 30th Dec 2017
“Warm him up in the microwave”
Found reduced instore at Sainsbury’s (Low Hall Chingford) maybe nationwide too. Originally £16 although lord knows who would pay that! Smells faintly of lavender to help calm you to a nice slumber.
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My boys got this for Xmas not particularly warm when done for the time specified but they liked it

Smelt of microwave rather than lavender
Edited by: "daz_75" 30th Dec 2017
they feel so cheap compared to other ones. I know they are less than a fiver, but when you touch them they dont even feel or look that much.
I dont want to sound like a troll. But the other ones in sainsburys are so much better. I think the star wars thing in there this year have been disapointing. I love star wars aswell.
This is just weird. A Jabba one maybe but chewie?
Saw this yesterday in Wandsworth branch.
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