Chewits 5 pack (3xCola 2xIce Cream) 69p Home Bargains

Chewits 5 pack (3xCola 2xIce Cream) 69p Home Bargains

Found 19th May 2011Made hot 22nd May 2011
Five stick packs of chewits, contains three packs of Cola Flavouir and two of Ice Cream. Only 69p at Home Bargains


Lovely jubbly... Will have to take a trip tomorrow - hope they have them

love the ice cream ones

Got some last week. The cola ones are wicked!

Had the same at local poundland (S Wales, Newport) buy two for a pound same flovours as above, not sure if this is just local

mix them together and get a coke float.

They were 2 for £1 (2 packs of 5) at my local poundland too as well (Edinburgh, St James centre) so excellent deal as it works out at only 10p per pack.

Love the Ice Cream flavor but not sure on the cola flavor.

I like the coke ones, mrs likes the ice cream ones better...
Bonus, there's 3 coke ones and only 2 ice cream ones ;P

Also was one pack for 49p in my local Poundstretcher (Redditch). Great news is they are opening a Home Bargains next door to Poundstretcher. Can't wait. Hope Home Bargains doesn't push Poundstretcher out of business. They are both great shops.

Same Poundland deal for me, 2 for £1, 10p per packet!

49p in Poundstretcher

Strange - the ice-cream flavour were only 10p a pack in Home Bargains a while back....

The Ice Cream and Cola single packs are 10p each, I work at Home Bargains in Northfield
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