Posted 13 December 2022

Chicago Cutlery Prime 7Pc knife Set, German MOV Stainless Steel Blades, Beech block - £53.98 @ Amazon

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Down from a whopping £143!
So, not a brand many are fimiliar with, but I have a couple of Chicago Cutlery knives the quality is great.
Barely any retailers in the UK, but more common in the US but for a much higher price! -
This is the non-oxide coated version at Walmart -

They tend to use mainly German and Japanese steel for their knives, these are good quality German steel.
These have gradually fallen from £143 down to this price, and it is a great bargain at just over £55.

A few people know me from posts on other knife sets (Zwilling & Henckels), so I do like decent knives and wouldn't recommend any I wouldn't consider buying myself.

Full tang with a half soft grip handle (which is actually quite nice to hold).
The only extra you'll need to buy if you don't already have one is a steel to hone the edge.
Some people prefer whetstones, which is fine. Just don't buy one of those AnySharp things!

Seems to a be a sale on many of the knives individually (except the bread knife which is still £55 on it's own!), but this set is the best value of them all.

Perfect set for the casual cook that wants a quality knive set but doesn't want to fork out closer to the £100 mark.

Details from Amazon -
Prime collection by Chicago Cutlery 7pc beech wood block set is a new category of cutlery that is completely re-imagined from tip to grip. This block set contains 5 different knives for everyday use. The block has individual slots for placing the knives and scissors in and additional smaller slots for other knives you may want to put in. The choice is yours. All knives have an innovative ergonomic handle with responsive touch technology enabling a more moulded grip making cutting more efficient and safe. The set contains a pair of kitchen shears. The knives have a 26 degree edge angle for sharpness and edge retention. It has a no-chip, stain- resistant black oxide finish. This 7pc block set comes with a Beautifully crafted block and knife set giving an element of luxury in every home.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Oh crumbs that's a scary knife 🔪 😜
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    Just to add, if anyone wants a great bead knife, grab one of these (Also Chicago Cutlery) -

    I have one and it goes through bread with ease and very few crumbs.
    Someone messaged me asking for a recommendation on a good bread knife, and this one was at the top of the list I sent them. (edited)
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    Looks odd with some of the holders knife slots still unused ?
    It does a bit, but at that price I wouldn't care, lol.
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