Chicago Town Deep Pan Micro Pizzas £1 @ Tesco
Chicago Town Deep Pan Micro Pizzas £1 @ Tesco

Chicago Town Deep Pan Micro Pizzas £1 @ Tesco

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Chicago Town Deep Pan Micro Pizzas are on offer at Tescos

Lots of Variety, and they are the tastiest little pizza's ever!

My second deal so be nice please


The chicken and pineapple ones, I think are really nice.

Also Iceland usually have them this price all the time I think

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Im so annoyed! I looked for "Micro Pizza" and nothing came up

Bought four of those the other day. All are already gone

Nice a snack these, or two as a meal. Wouldn't pay any more than 50p each though.

you all disgust me

Get down to Costco if you like these, 3.69 for 8 pack, I got some yesterday!

I still prefer the £1.99 pizza express pizza's my local tesco does - more expensive, but MUCH better pizza

It's a real shame they stopped selling the giant ones of these, they were immense!

Voted cold due to the "My second deal so be nice please " comment... duuno why but it really annoys me oO

Summer is coming...no pizzas not voted hot or cold

Hot! One is the perfect size for lunch. 50p for lunch, can't beat that! Had the hot ones with the spiced beef yesterday, really nice!

I've seen the big versions in Heron from time to time.

£1 each in Iceland too I believe.

Nah Iceland offer has finished. Got The last box last saturday. Went on monday to get more but label said £1.89. But luckily for me the big label on the fridge still said £1! So got 5 boxs for £5.

What happened to the BBQ Chicken ones of these? My tescos sold them for a week and then they moved on to the nasty tasting Hot 'n' Spicy ones.


so mad for these bad boys!


lol..... the cheese and tomato ones stay immensly hot for so long and the roof of your mouth has peeling skin after!!

But I just use the micro dish thing to swirl the topping around to cool it.....

But on a side note, LOVELY pizzas...... 88% of your daily recommended saturated fat in 2 pizzas just for lunch, and sometimes I have 4 at lunch.....


pizza,pizza,pizza, i love pizza


pizza is great!
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