Chicago Town The Pizza Kitchen - Half Price - £1.50 - Tesco

Chicago Town The Pizza Kitchen - Half Price - £1.50 - Tesco

Found 27th Sep 2017
New Chicago Town range with a "Deli crisp crust".

Deli Pepperoni
Cheese Medley
Roasted Chicken
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    Personally I think these are the best they do, tasty.
    thats dinner for the next 3 days sorted !

    baking hot heat added , thank you OP
    Look yummy
    They look nice good deal need get too Tesco ! Thanks
    Not tried these but it looks and sounds tasty, heat op
    I wonder which particular Chicago delicatessen they source their Italian sausage from
    had the cheese medley yesterday, just the same as their takeaway ones, didn't notice any difference with crust
    Will have to try these! Thanks op!
    Yes, will need to give these a go also

    Does look good, although I am hungry so could be that
    Original Poster
    Finally got round to eating one of the chicken ones. Very nice. Surprisingly herby.

    Someone said they were just like the Takeaway ones which is absolutely not the case. I hate the base on those but these are lovely and crispy.
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