Chicago Town two pack small pizzas

Chicago Town two pack small pizzas

Found 3rd Oct 2008
Chicago Town twin pack microwaveable pizzas are bogof at the moment for only £1.99 I think, however they scanned at only £1.84, every little helps as they say at Tesco !!!!

Or £1.52 with double the difference


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please explain if voting cold - after all it is a saving !! you could even go for double the difference and get them for £1.68 which is 42p a pizza !

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or would it be £1.52 !!

£1.50 at my local David Sands.

I'm pretty sure "every little helps" is tesco's slogan...

Cant work that out as yesterday they were £1 for pack of two as i got some, so gone up today by looks of it

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yes but with this it will be 1.52 for four

so £1.52 for one one pack free...........thats 76p per pack. Hot!


yes but with this it will be 1.52 for four

Sorry, misunderstood you. I agree, hot.


voted hot,:thumbsup:

you want to get double the difference on a pricing error in your favour? Is this for the near heartattack caused by the excitement of an incorrect price? Good luck on that.
The difference of actual-displayed is negative so maybe they'd make you pay it
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