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Chicago Town The Pizza Kitchen full refund if you didn't love it
Posted 26th Sep 2018Posted 26th Sep 2018LocalLocal
Chicago Town The Pizza Kitchen full refund if you didn't love it
Refund of purchase price if you didn't love your pizza. Ts &Cs @

I can't find the 8 digit batch code! The barcode number is one digit, then 6 and then 6 again. Could someone tell me where to find it?


It's marketing there saying this product is so good we can offer you a refund if it isn't. It'll make you subconsciously think this product must btle worth buying


I’m pretty sure you could write to most companies and complain for a refund if you genuinely don’t like their product, but seriously?


The devil in the detail, only 1 claim per household, you have to leave a statement about why you did not like it, upload batch code, upload receipt, Give your bank details, only available on 3 products and promotional boxes, max claim is £3 99.99% of people will think, what is the point. Including me WHAT PRODUCTS ARE INCLUDED IN THE OFFER?The Pizza Kitchen, Cheese Medley, 350gThe Pizza Kitchen, Roasted Chicken, 385gThe Pizza Kitchen, Deli Pepperoni, 355g And just as a final insult, they give your details to a 3rd party company to issue the payment WILL A THIRD PARTY BE USED TO PROCESS THE REFUND PAYMENT?Yes, as specified in the Terms and Conditions of this promotion. Cheque payments will be administered by Umbrella Risk Management Ltd and BACS payments will be administered by Mad About Handling.


Wonder if we can "didn't like it" multiple times!!! (y)

The Ultimate Takeaway Taste or Money Back - Free chicago town pizza- purchase / receipt required - online form
Posted 24th Mar 2017Posted 24th Mar 2017
The Ultimate Takeaway Taste or Money Back - Free chicago town pizza- purchase / receipt required - online form
Free pizza. Requires reciept

A few months ago I sent an email complaining about a problem I had with a Goodfellas Takeaway pizza and got sent £30 in vouchers.


Your point being what? If you're that poor, why are you spending £3 to £4 on a pizza in the first place? It's going to probably take 2 to 3 weeks for you to even get the Cheque back in which case the £3 to £4 could have gone on something much more substantial than a single pizza? ASDA do pizzas for £1 each. Say the pizza in question is £4, that's 4 pizzas compared to one. It doesn't matter if they can afford it, you shouldn't be abusing a system for genuine people.


shhhht am sure Chicago town can afford it most of us are ACTUALLY REALLY POOR


Regardless, abusing a form not intended for it's use is morally questionable just to get a pizza for free. Are you that cheap you'd use a form just to claim back a check up to £4.69? It's not "DOG EAT DOG" at all, without them you wouldn't have the pizza in the first place. By the time you've sent the form off, taken the one to two weeks turn around time to wait, it won't even be worth the bother. Call me a killjoy, or whatever your vocabulary can muster but shame on you for endorsing something like this. It's the reason we can't have nice things and reasoning as to why companies don't regularly do this sort of thing because people abuse it. Are you going to go to food banks next just because it's free food? If you genuinely didn't like the pizza, fair enough claim away but don't just claim the money back because you can.



Chicago town takeaway cheese pizza in morrisons
Posted 7th Dec 2015Posted 7th Dec 2015LocalLocal
Chicago town takeaway cheese pizza in morrisons
Chicago town takeaway cheese pizza half price its not showing online its must be in store only not sure if its nationwide

Been there this morning, at Eccles-Manchester store. 4 cheeses: £ 2,00


What size is it?


Ignore that the Co-op pizza is Goodfellas!


Is this not the same pizza thats in the co-op £5 deal? If so for £3 more you can the pizza, wedges, chicken fingers, carte d'ore ice cream and dough balls.

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Free Chicagotown Slice sabre pizza cutter  ...... boxes on special at Sainsburys at £1
Posted 4th Jan 2015Posted 4th Jan 2015
Free Chicagotown Slice sabre pizza cutter ...... boxes on special at Sainsburys at £1
Appreciated this has been on before ...... but ......... Sainsburys are selling the 2 packs on special currently at £1 a box instead of £2.50. So you get the SUPER SABRE free piz… Read more

ZOMG - the "super sabre" just arrived - the regular one will also show up next week. Now I gotta go out and buy a pizza. This one has a laser guide and SOUND EFFECTS. Should make me look awfully mature at dinner parties. Well the type that serve pizza anyway.


Well it's been over two weeks and still nothing from them - and they don't seem to be responding to messages. I have a feeling that the whole thing is fake or a lead-on somehow, surely that can't be legal in the UK?


They are also for £1.00 in Iceland but you'll have to search through the freezers to find the promo packs. I already claimed mine


I just sent them a request for update and they replied back that they're having a longer wait on the laser-equipped one than they expected so they're going to send me a regular one as well in the meantime! Soon I will be able to cut two pizzas at once, I will get asked to all the best parties then.


Anyone got any spare codes? Would be greatly appreciated

Posted 3rd Dec 2014Posted 3rd Dec 2014
First promo so please be kind. They are currently selling the 2 pack in Farm Foods for £1.00 Its the promotional box with the slice sabre promotional codes. I saw someone buying … Read more
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But I want the.slice sabre with the beam it's the super slice sabre it's for 9 codes


Or just use a knife


Cheaper to just buy a pizza slicer from the pound shop.


Had a quick glance at the box in Tesco, thinking the pizza slicer was included inside but you need 5 codes for one type and 8 codes for the other from memory. That was me out without purchasing one!


the pizza maybe not to everyone's taste....but its still a bargain. ...and thats the point of this site...heat from me.

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Free Chicago Town Slice Sabre with Pack Coupons
Posted 3rd Oct 2014Posted 3rd Oct 2014
Free Chicago Town Slice Sabre with Pack Coupons
May the 4th may be long gone, but for all you Star Wars / Pizza / Cutting Device fans Chicago Town have 2 different slicers up for grabs. If you get the Deep Dish pizzas and colle… Read more
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I just found this, has anyone code 1x code?




Help!!! I can't find these pizza boxes anywhere now and have been desperately saving the codes to surprise by brood. Anyone have any unused codes that they no longer need? Would love to get them the super slice sabre! Thanks!


Can someone message me some codes, I'd really appreciate it. I want the super slice sabre :P


I need 1 more code cos it said my other code was not valid, please I've me another code

Free dominoes from Chicago Town, 1000 given away each week.
Posted 9th Mar 2014Posted 9th Mar 2014
Free dominoes from Chicago Town, 1000 given away each week.
We're Celebrating by giving away 1000 packs of real dominos every week free!
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Got my dominoes last week woo :)


Haha, errrrrrrrrrrrrm (_;) I just read free pizza and I was like WHUT!


Ohhh... I was expecting some free pizza, not a set of domino stones to play with. :(


I thought it's the free pack of Dominoes? Because I just doubled checked and the only app they have is the Domino one, So I'm confused?!


Isn't the deal for a free Chicago Town pizza voucher in the post? Or what did I just give away my postal address for? oO

FREE Chicago town takeaway pizza
Posted 3rd Mar 2014Posted 3rd Mar 2014
FREE Chicago town takeaway pizza
Fill in your details on their Facebook page and get you free pizza voucher sent out in the post within 28 days.

All gone now, have to wait until next week


all gone :|


it's a pack of dominoes lol not pizza :)


Click on 'Get real Dominoes!' to fill in your details.


it is a pack of dominoes, highly unlikely that they would send a real pizza through the post

Chicago Town Takeaway Pizza 50p with voucher! @Sainsburys
Posted 12th Nov 2013Posted 12th Nov 2013
Chicago Town Takeaway Pizza 50p with voucher! @Sainsburys
You can now get the pizza for 50p! Normally priced around £4, the pizza is on offer at Sainsburys for £2.50. There is a voucher on the Chicago Town website for £2 off making it 50… Read more
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If you look closely at the voucher it says "part payment for Chicago Town Deliciously Deep." Not Chicago Town Takeaway which currently the lowest prices is £3.50 at Tesco (or 2 for £6 at Morrisons) according to MySupermarket. But Chicago Town Deliciously Deep are price marked £2 Trial Price (available at that price at all supermarkets). So I pointed out the small print to the checkout operator at Morrisons and she accepted the voucher, and I got a FREE pizza!


Use it in a browser you don't use for me it was ie, fake email address. Add/remove programs when printed although I still had to remove it manually from program files, job done. Edit: not on offer anymore :(


is this still working in sainsburys. are the pizzas half price or have they gone up to the normal price? thanks


Why everyone suddenly complaining about internet security and personal data? Just enjoy a cheap pizza....simples!


create a simplified account with non specific email addresses and information then you daft ****

FREE Chicago Town Knork and Baking Plate
Posted 6th Mar 2012Posted 6th Mar 2012
FREE Chicago Town Knork and Baking Plate
Don't forget - to celebrate the success of our Free Tuck In Stuff promotion, we are offering our Facebook fans the chance to claim an exclusive FREE Chicago Town Knork and Baking P… Read more
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Mine arrived today - Thanks OP!


code expired:(


Code expired I get.


Cheers looks good


managed to find a bit bigger picture ..................... [image missing]

Chicago Town Pizza (already on offer @ Asda ) flashed packs to  get your money back
Posted 11th Oct 2011Posted 11th Oct 2011
Chicago Town Pizza (already on offer @ Asda ) flashed packs to get your money back
Just been to Asda and noticed that their Chicago Town Pizzas (which are already on offer for £2.00) have an offer on them to swap for free so that you get your money back.Reciept n… Read more
Chicago Town Pizza FREE by coupon redemption
Posted 17th Sep 2011Posted 17th Sep 2011
Chicago Town Pizza FREE by coupon redemption
Simply buy the product from your supermarket (Asda stock these) complete the online form and send off your till receipt to claim a refund of the purchase price and the postage givi… Read more
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OK so 40 odd pence if you have to pay for your post to be delivered...


Costs the price of a stamp, surely?


This is free. Makes it better instantly.


I do not understand why this has not got hotter as it is a fantastic deal.


Cant agree. We just got one and also cooked a Goodfellas stonebaked thin and the Goodfellas is nicer imo. And less than half the price.

Chicago Town Pizzas Just £2.50 and free with their SWAP deal @ Sainsburys
Posted 21st Jul 2011Posted 21st Jul 2011
Chicago Town Pizzas Just £2.50 and free with their SWAP deal @ Sainsburys
Went into Sainsburys yesterday and they have the large Chicago Town pizzas (that are supposed to be as good as takeaway) down to £2.50 for the four cheese, movie limited edition, c… Read more

Wow. 2.50 for a pizza, you sure live the high life :) I would only ever pay 1.00 for a pizza.... I always wondered why I only ever seem to eat thin crust cheese and tomato.... Boo If I am ever a multi-millionaire I think I would do this deal, only at the discount though. I'm not made of money!


Pepperoni = 1712 Cals Chicken = 1416 Cals Film Feast = 1600 Cals Four Cheese = 1568 ...more worryingly they contain between 8 - 10g of Salt...your recommended daily allowance is 6g! ...basically they're very tasty but not very good for you :p


bring back the inferno


3500 is mental!!! These have about 1,200 - 1,300 from what I remember. Still not great, but share it and it's not so bad


Not bad at all these, wouldn't say they are as good a as a takeaway, but they don't contain over 2,600 calories like a dominos, yes 2,600!!, a pepperoni dominitor is over 3,500 - taken from their website. Voted hot :)

Chicago Town Takeaway - Swap Promotion means free pizza
Posted 14th Jul 2011Posted 14th Jul 2011
Chicago Town Takeaway - Swap Promotion means free pizza
"Buy any SWAP for FREE Chicago Town Takeaway promotional pizza packs from your supermarket freezer. Keep hold of your receipt which shows proof of purchase. Cut out the promotion… Read more

Got my cheque the other day, so they do pay out.


Not expired!


These are currently on offer in Morrison's for £3, eaten, claim form printed and in the post tomorrow....lovely freebie !


One per household. You could do what I did, which is to put the pizzas through on separate receipts, then just pass the receipt/promo card to someone else to claim.


only once, its a £4 pizza

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