chicco go baby carrier £6.25 was £25 @ Boots (instore)

chicco go baby carrier £6.25 was £25 @ Boots (instore)

Found 19th Oct 2012
Great deal for this baby carrier; saw it in-store in boots Bristol broadmead this evening. Would have bought one but already got one from recent Asda event although not this cheap!
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I guess it's local only, on website it sows £24.99. Still hot for the people who can reach Bristol store..
Be careful using this type of carrier as they're not good for baby's hips and spine.
Cold cold cold unless you are into causing your child pain and suffering.…ut/
Sarah rjh, thanks for the info.

Cold cold cold unless you are into causing your child pain and suffering. … Cold cold cold unless you are into causing your child pain and suffering.

Information is from a web-site selling backward-facing baby carriers so could be a little biased??!
Hmm no, i have a Boba 3g and i can assure you their carriers can be worn front or back carrying but never forward facing.

Hmm no, i have a Boba 3g and i can assure you their carriers can be worn … Hmm no, i have a Boba 3g and i can assure you their carriers can be worn front or back carrying but never forward facing.

What I meant is that, like you say, none of Boba's carriers are forward facing so they are unlikely to promote any carriers that do face forwards (I was not referring to whether baby was carried on an adult's front or back).
There are other websites I could direct you to I just feel that one is most important. There are studies etc done on the damage these carriers do to your child's spine
There are other websites I could direct you to I just feel that one is most important. There are studies etc done on the damage these carriers do to your child's spine
There's a reason Boba and many others don't make forward facing carriers. It's not because they can't, it's because they can be bad for babies if used for long periods of time. However as carriers like this are not that comfortable for the parent either, it's unlikely they will be worn for long periods. If you're serious about carrying your baby, you need a carrier that supports baby knee to knee and supports the spine in a curved position, not straight (forward facing forces the spine into a straight position). Forward facing also forces baby's weight to pull forward on YOUR shoulders, making it uncomfortable for parents once their babies get any sort of size.
This site shows why carriers (such as this) that lack full knee to knee support are not recommended either, and you can hardly say this is a biased source…nt/ .
I run a sling group and most people who come to me are people who've bought this type of carrier, found it great when baby was little and just popping in and out quickly, but then wanted to get something more comfortable as baby as got larger.
Hope I helped and if you're in any doubt, look for a sling group in your area to try out different types of slings before spending money on one that you'll probably end up replacing pretty quickly, and you can also find a more comfy option for you and your baby that will last a long time. xx
I'm sorry this post is so long but if you read it I promise that by the end you'll be better informed about your baby and the safety of baby carriers

I've been a long time HotUKDeals stalker for many years but today I've decided to sign up for an account after discovering this post and another post containing similar comments that may be terribly misleading and ill informed.

Let me preface this by saying, my degree and career background is mainly in IT and I work very hard to research emerging technologies and analyse systems and make informed choices based on peer reviewed research, statistics and proven results rather than promises and conjecture. And all the while it's my duty to remain unbiased regardless of my own personal preferences toward a company or any personal relationship I may have with a lab or within an organisation.
Saying that I was also a live-in Nanny for about two years and was lucky enough to live with some amazing people and raise some amazing children and I'll carry those memories with me for my whole life. Oh and I just became an Uncle two months ago.

As I've watched my sister and her fiance and both their respective parents struggle to hold baby T for any discernible amount of time, and I myself have found it to be a bit cumbersome to carry him round the house in my arms and keep him entertained whilst also trying to do anything in the house, I decided that I was going to buy them a baby carrier.

So I looked around in the stores as for clothing and things of that regard I prefer to see and feel the quality of the material rather than just order online.
So now I had an idea of the quality of some of these things and how they felt wearing them, so I took to the internet. Read reviews on Amazon, Which?, Revoo, MumsNet, Just typing into Google and sifting through somewhere towards 50 - 70 sites, Tweets and blogs.

I treat this the same way I'd research into a company I would potentially work with.
Here is what I've found based on reports, personal opinions and comments from all over the internet.

Baby 'slings' are in [u]NO WAY[/u] safer nor better for your babies development over the carrier style products.

Now I'm shocked by this next bit because after seeing some of these things in the stores I was immediately drawn towards the sling type carriers, they felt organic, more personal, as if your baby would be more comforted in a fabric sling than a big chunky unnatural backpack thing. It also just happened to be a bonus that slings are much cheaper than a lot of the carriers, which wouldn't have mattered because I'd gone in fully prepared to pay up to £150 for one of these things to make sure I got something that would be comfortable for both wearer and baby. It does puzzle me how something that is essentially a cut of fabric can still fetch upwards of £40. It would be possible to buy the materials and make one yourself very simply for less than £10. I don't advise you do that till you read the next bit.

So here it comes...

The use of baby slings in infants has resulted and still even recently in the UK is resulting in the suffocation and death of babies.

No reported deaths of a baby whilst in a carrier that I can find so far.

Several brands of sling type carriers have been recalled or taken from shelves worldwide and many health authorities have raised concerns over their safety and use in infants.

The arguments I've read in favour of slings have so far all stem from 'personal opinion' rather than any evidence, studies or facts. Notions based on intuition and what 'feels' like is better for the baby.
I can tell you now, I can find no published trial that shows slings are better for a babies development, comfort or posture over seat carrier types.

In fact, and this is my own observation not backed by actual research, but if you consider where the weight of the baby pulls in a sling and in comparison to it's upright seating position in a seat. It isn't difficult to imagine that the baby is almost 'folded' on itself. All it's weight will be pulling and resting in one position at the bottom of the sling where the entire weight of the baby will gravitate toward. In comparison, a seat puts pressure on the inside thighs but allows for a natural seating position, upright which allows for better digestion which would help with colic or regurgitation, whereas a sling provides very little support for your baby upright or horizontally. Both types allow closeness and bonding and iteration with parent. Any argument that a baby carried in a sling will have a better bond with it's mother later in life is based purely on conjecture. A baby carried in a sling can grow up to resent it's parent and tantrum and want it's independence just as much as any baby.

I honestly expected to be buying a sling carrier so I have no reason to be against them. I live organically wherever possible and I always try to remain carbon neutral wherever possible. I spend months researching things like large appliances and any big purchases before I commit and only after taking into account running costs, efficiency, features, servicing costs etc.

I don't think you can put a price on your childs safety.

I will post links to any of the relevant sites but I implore anyone who is interested in this topic to go to their favourite search engine and just type in baby carrier safety, baby sling safety, baby sling review, baby carrier review etc etc. It is always far better to discover your own findings organically than to be given snippets of information which could be biased in nature or chosen specifically to reinforce the protagonists argument.
An interesting one is Which? that shows many common mistakes that sling carriers make so if you still feel your baby is better off in one of those style, please at least make sure you're wearing it correctly and haven't just been shown by someone else who may not know better.

In terms of forward facing or backward facing, the consensus appears to be that backward facing tend to provide better support for baby and wearer. Personally I prefer a backward facing carrier anyway, just so my sister will be able to read cues from baby T and stay engaged even if she's on the phone for instance.

Again this is impossibly long but I feel that after a lot of research this may benefit someone else who doesn't have the freedom in time and resources to research as heavily as I have. Wish you all the best.
Sling libraries and sling meets exist all over the country to help educate people that high street carriers and forward facing are not the ideal. They are NOT dangerous. Its just means that by a parent using a high street carrier they feel like once baby passes the 3/4 month mark, there is no carrier that exists that is comfortable. WRONG. I regularly wear my 24lb/10kg+ twins for hours on end with no pain or discomfort. All because I sought out and wear and ergonomic carrier (mei tai/soft structured carrier/woven wrap/ring sling). I am in no way affiliated with them but check out, or…ou/ . (I'm a babywearing consultant by the way!)

PS I think the previous poster means BAG SLINGS, not just slings by the way. Bag slings ARE dangerous and should not be used, especially in the cradle position.
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