Chicco London Pushchair £25! @ Asda
Chicco London Pushchair £25! @ Asda

Chicco London Pushchair £25! @ Asda

Chicco London Pushchair, Great pushchair as i have one myself, great value for money as it includes raincover and footmuff, bought 1 for £58 last month from Argos, can't believe its on sale for £25 at Asda. bought another one as well as a box of huggies 155 nappies for £5.50 only on for today as i think they are finishing their baby event, that was what my husband was told but posters say the event finishes 8 Aug so not quite sure


store specific for buggies , Milton Keynes have no reductions on buggies , cots only nappies and wipes

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i'm not sure why this doesn't apply to all ASDA stores, the 1 my husband went to today (Statford upon Avon) had ONLY huggies reduced half price aswell as feeding accessories, buggies and cots but no baby wipes, they're still full price but the ASDA my sister went to had everything reduced including pampers £6 a mega box????

ours only has certain things reduced, not buggies though, only size 5 & 6 nappies reduced, wipes still original price, event doesnt finish here ( hull ) until sunday though so maybe more reductions to come.

oh....i wish my local asda had these buggies,they had the hauck ones reduced, but not these.

Ah ours didnt have this or i would of snapped it up...

Yeah it's store specific. My local ASDA only had Huggies big boxes half price yesterday...and all I found was empty shelves.
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