Chicony TwinkleCam PC Webcam - Buy one get one free - 2 for £14.99!!!!

Chicony TwinkleCam PC Webcam - Buy one get one free - 2 for £14.99!!!!

Found 17th Sep 2006
This looks like a good deal from It's a handy webcam - the Chicony TwinkleCam (Ignore the silly name) but if you buy one of these, you'll receive the second for free! This is very handy indeed, you could pass the second one on to friends or family members to enable you to video chat on the web. It's £14.99 for two from

Details: The Chicony TwinkleCam PC Camera is a USB CMOS Camera with 100k pixels, and features 30 fps Video Image at QVGA and Precise Focus Tuning. It is compatible with Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP, and is ideal for Video Mail, Video Conference & Video Chatting. Also included are Video Impression v1.6 & Photo Impression v3.0, to enable you to create and edit your own video clips, and even to share them online!


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[*]USB CMOS Camera with 100k pixels
[*]30 fps Video Image at QVGA, Precise Focus Tuning
[*]Compatible with Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
[*]Ideal for Video Mail Video Conference & Video Chatting
[*]Sensor: CMOS with 352*288 (100k) pixels
[*]Colour Depth: 24 Bits, 16.7 million RGB True Colour
[*]White Balance & Gain / Exposure: Automatic
[*]Focus Range: Manual, 10cm Infinity
[*]View Angle: 54 degrees (Diagonal)
[*]Aperture: F/2.4
[*]Anti-Flicker: Yes
[*]Video Output Resolution: CIF (352*288), QVGA (320*240), QCIF (176*144), QQVGA (160*120)
[*]Video Frame Rate: Max 30 fps at QVGA, CIF, QCIF, QQVGA
[*]File Format: JPEG (still image), AVI (video streaming)
[*]Driver Compliance: Video for Windows, WDM, TWAIN[/LIST]

Had similar models and offer from argos a while ago. They're pretty good for MSN with good focus if you don't move around too much (it's manual).

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Yeah I thought they would be very handy for the likes of MSN. Thanks for the reply scotty :-D


Dont know how i missed this earlier .. but thanks emma, nice deal! :thumbsup:

Are the images ok on a spec like this? Or am I going to be better off with a more expensive model? Only being used for messenger etc, but would like a nice clear image :-D


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I'm not terribly "au fait" with webcam specifications, but I believe this one is fairly basic. For example if you compare it to a £30 one from ][COLOR=blue]PCWorld[/COLOR], and look at the image resolution - the dearer one has a res of 640x480, whereas the one in the above post has a res of about 320x240 if I'm not mistaken...this means twice the resolution, therefore better quality...

But obviously if you only buy one, do you mind what image quality other people are seeing of you?

Maybe someone more technically minded can back me up on this info :-D

Thats what I assumed also to be honest
I would be buyin 2, 1 for me, and the freebie for my girlfriend.

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Well, I would say getting two good ones is going to probably cost you £45+...

If you want to go for the £15 option, that's your choice...£15 isn't much to spend on a few webcams, but I wouldn't expect amazing pictures from them TBH.

Hence why I have still failed to get a webcam up till now. Definitely need 2, and its false economy to get 1 that isnt as good as I want.

If you can just find me a £40 webcam for £10 then I will be very grateful

Will just sit it out till I find something up to my spec

Still around if anyone needs................
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