Child Half Season Ticket (9 Games inc. Chelsea and Arsenal) - £25 @ Blackburn Rovers
Child Half Season Ticket (9 Games inc. Chelsea and Arsenal) - £25 @ Blackburn Rovers

Child Half Season Ticket (9 Games inc. Chelsea and Arsenal) - £25 @ Blackburn Rovers

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So good, it deserves its own thread. Copy and paste from the other thread, with updated details.

As the title says. And anyone that knows football KNOWS this is a brilliant deal.

Tickets for Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United games at Ewood are regularly at £15+ separately, and depending on where you sit. And away, I know a ticket to see Blackburn at Old Trafford is about £25. A few years back, when I was in my prime of Young Adulthood, I spent about £30 for a ticket, and then another £20 getting to the stadium.

So, come the second half of the season, (from 28th December vs. Sunderland onwards) Blackburn Rovers are practically giving away tickets to other fantastic games for the price of the big three.

Full List of teams to be played at Ewood Park included in this package:

Wigan Athletic (local derby)
Hull City
Bolton Wanderers (local derby)
Birmingham City

£25 price is for unreserved seating in the WEC Darwen End, apart from the United game, which Im not 100% sure about. Its possible that the United game isnt included in the £99 deal.

Prices around the stadium vary and arent detailed on the Ad I saw in this months 'Shuttle - Blackburn Newspaper.'

If any other Premier League team does a deal as cheap as this, I will eat the socks I am wearing right now.

Ticket is advertised as being available at onerovers.co.uk, the Ewood Park Ticket Office, or over the phone.

An Adult will probably have to buy this, but as far as I am aware (and back when I had one) kids can get into the stadium by themselves. STAY SAFE KIDS! (Blackburn isnt known for idiots and violence, anyway.)


(EDIT: Slight update to this, given some details are sketchy. The Blackburn Rovers Messageboard has a post up confirming that the United game IS NOT included in this Half Season Ticket, and you will have priority to a ticket when they go on sale. But you will have to pay separate for the United ticket. CHELSEA AND ARSENAL ARE STILL INCLUSIVE IN THE PRICE OF THE HALF SEASON TICKET.)…=uk


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Small print says the following:

*£99 & £25 half season tickets unreserved seating in the WEC Group Darwen End Stand. Excludes Man United fixture.

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Confirmed: United game is NOT included in the price. Sorry for the miss-information guys. I thought with their crest being printed on the advert, that it was included. Looks like you will get priority to the tickets when they go on sale, but they will cost you extra.…=uk

Kids for free at Firhill and the football is far better :w00t:

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It must be, if kids are getting in free.
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