Child In Car or Baby on Board Sticker - Large 50p at Halfords

Child In Car or Baby on Board Sticker - Large 50p at Halfords

Found 30th Nov 2011
Child In Car Sticker or Baby on Board sticker - Large size 50p at Halfords

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Great, then you can pull out right in front of people, causing them to have to brake, and then drive 10 MPH below the speed limit.
Never understood the logic in these things nor the mentality of people displaying them.
Pointless stickers

No matter who is in the car in front you shouldn't be speeding and driving carefully!!!!
It also means that if the child isn't in the car and there's an accident, someone will risk their life trying to save the child that's not there
These are great these things.

Usually seen on xsara picassos or micras.

Lets you know the person behind the wheel cant drive, and has the task of driving 5th on their list of 'things to do right now'

Also look out for such classics as...

Driving with fogs on
brake light out
assorted soft toys on the parcel shelf bring rear visibility to zero
several hand gestures from the driver to other passengers to show they are really concentrating on their driving.
stopping at empty roundabouts
not indicating
etc etc.

The more of these on cars the better.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks these are crap.
I recently thought Apple had the best marketing department, persuading people to buy there products at such high prices (I'm not an Apple hater) but whoever is making money on these things is a genius!
They have there uses, parking in those "with kid" spaces at the local supermarket . .
I park in the family spaces all the time when I'm with my wife. She is after all my family. And she's small so we match the picture on the floor!
r1mmm3er - you shouldn't use the family spaces, they have the bigger space at the sides so that people can get their child into a puschair without bumping it into other cars and without being forced into trying to get your child/baby into it at the back of your car where traffic is passing and could hit the pushchair.
It really annoys me when i can't get my baby in her buggy without being at the mercy of passing cars because other people are using the spaces with the room to allow me to do it at the side of the car.
I don't have any large size 50p's to buy one! Heat anyway cos if you want want this is a great price
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