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CHILD OF LIGHT - Ultimate Edition Switch (EU) - 6.99 @ CDKeys

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Child of Light Switch Ultimate Edition includes:
Base Game
The Golem’s Plight Pack – Unlock a new quest and gain a powerful ally.
Light Pack – Unlock a new dress for Aurora and a new skill for healing.
Dark Pack – Unlock a new dress for Aurora and improvements for magic power, defense, and magic resistance.
Assorted oculi!
Stardust Packs
Additional Skill
The top 3 reasons to play Child of Light Switch Ultimate Edition
Explore a dream-like world in a classic-style turn-based RPG inspired by fairy tales
Two players can control Aurora and Igniculus independently for a unique co-operative experience
Build your own moveset from over 200 unlockable skills
About Child of Light Ultimate Edition
When Aurora, a young Austrian princess from 1895, wakes up to find herself in the dream-like land of Lemuria, she quickly learns that the only way back to her own reality is through a magical mirror. To make matters more complicated, the portal is housed in the throne room of the Queen of the Night – an evil monarch who has locked away Lemuria’s three key sources of light.
Aurora must grow up quickly in this strange land and free the sun, moon and stars from the Queen of the Night’s grasp if she has any chance of returning home. She’s joined on her quest by Igniculus, an orb-like companion who can illuminate even the murkiest of paths. Using Aurora’s power of flight, soar through beautiful 2D levels, fight vile monsters and solve puzzles, or light the way forward and uncover hidden treasure using Igniculus’s glow.
Take on a host of beasts and mythical creatures in classic-style turn-based combat. As Aurora – and any additional party members you recruit throughout the adventure – use a wide range of abilities to attack your foes while Igniculus flies around supporting your party, collecting supplies and hindering enemies. Earn experience points with each battle to build your strength and unlock over 200 skills to help you on your way. A word to the wise: enemies will only fight if they see you, so have Igniculus temporarily blind them and slip past if you’d rather avoid a confrontation!
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    Fantastic game, providing the poetry of the speech does not annoy you.

    One of my top 3 games of all time.
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    Regularly a couple of quid cheaper on eshop sales