Children Of Men (Two Discs) DVD £5.79 delivered

Children Of Men (Two Discs) DVD £5.79 delivered

Found 7th Aug 2007
Set in a dystopian future where infertility has led mankind to the brink of extinction, a sole pregnant woman holds the key to the survival of humanity. In 2027, the world's youngest person has died at the age of 18.

Infertility has ravaged the world, leading it into anarchy. Eastern European and African societies have collapsed, causing their remaining populace to flee to England. Set against a backdrop of warring nationalistic sects, mankind's last remaining hope arrives in the form of Earth's only known pregnant woman. It is up to bureaucrat Theodore Faron (Clive Owen, SIN CITY) and his revolutionary former wife Julian (Julianne Moore, MAGNOLIA) to help deliver the woman to a sanctuary at sea where it is hoped that the birth of her child could help scientists to find out how to save humanity.

Based on a dystopian P.D. James science fiction novel, CHILDREN OF MEN is set in a dying anarchic world, devoid of hope, until a pregnant woman proves to be a possible saviour of mankind. Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron (Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN) has made a powerful, slickly shot film set in an all too believable dystopian future. The tense thriller focuses on various present day concerns of nationalism, racism and government control over its citizens, much in the same way that V FOR VENDETTA did. CHILDREN OF MEN features a superb cast and rattles along with restless energy.

* 'Men Under Attack' featurette
* Making of...

Don't forget 5% Quidco too


This must be the worth film ever made.


This must be the worth film ever made.

I'll second that. Poopy. But, a very good price if you want it.

91% critics, 90% users at rotten tomatoes (great reviews site)

It was a good film let down by the ending

I really enjoyed this film... yes, the end wasn't so great, but the rest was very well done.

P.S. User Rating:8.2/10 from IMDB - that's very good indeed, as far as IMDB rating go.

I got one, but the film was a disappointment :-(


Americans seem to love it...

I enjoyed this film and I'm tempted to get it at this price.

Great film !

Great British film.


hey can someone actually link to the dvd all i can find is this…-UN

and its £11

It's showing £10.69

Expired ?


looks like it

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It's showing £10.69Expired ?

Looks like it, the only one the site is showing now is the one disc box
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