Children Of The Corn [Box Set]  3 Dvds - £3.35 @ Zavvi With Vocher

Children Of The Corn [Box Set] 3 Dvds - £3.35 @ Zavvi With Vocher

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It says 4 disks, but it's not it's 3 disks as I have bought this before.

Anchor Bay present Children of Corn I, II and III in a special edition three disc Box Set.
Children Of The Corn
Travelling through Nebraska, Burt (Peter Horton) and Vicky (Linda Hamilton) stop in a small town to report the death of a child on the highway. There, they discover something strange about the community: all the grownups a re gone, and the children seem to belong to a strange cult. What's worse, It's a cult that sacrifices adults to the dreadful 'he who walks behind the rows'...
Children Of The Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
A young couple uncovered the horrors that lay hidden in the small community of Gatlin, Nebraska. Three years earlier, all the adults suffered a terrible fate at the hands of their own sons and daughters - victims of a bloody cult of human sacrifice. Now, the bodies have been discovered and the neighbouring townsfolk of Hemingford agree to shelter the traumatised children, unaware that they are opening their doors to an awesome force that will threaten their very existence!
Children Of The Corn III: Urban Harvest
After the brutal and mysterious killing of a farmer in an isolated cornfield in the wilds of Nebraska, fate cast two young brothers, Eli and Joshua, into the heart of Chicago.
They are welcomed with open arms by foster parents who are unaware of the dark and menacing force that lurks within on of the boys.
For Eli is the emissary of Evil - a demonic disciple with the power to capture the minds and souls of other children. He knows the city streets and school yards are the perfect place to sow the seeds of his bloody ancestry.
Leading an army of followers who obey his every command, the time has come for him to fulfil his chilling birthright and unleash a terrifying retribution on the unsuspecting adult population. Let the harvest begin...


Since you have it, are 2 & 3 any good? Thought 1 was brill.

Original Poster


Since you have it, are 2 & 3 any good? Thought 1 was brill.

They are not as good as the first one but they are better than some of the newer ones they have done. they are worth watching imo.

The remake was not that great :-D

1 was great, 2 and 3 were ok, anything after forget it if you are trying to cling to a Stephen King world

£3 in Fopp if you have a store near you.

The kids on my estate are scarier.


The kids on my estate are scarier.

Scary, but true..............:?

You live here too then.


You live here too then.

Yes, I'm looking in your front window right now.................:w00t:
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